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Blink in Final Fantasy V.
The Blink symbol as seen in Final Fantasy IV (DS).

Blink is a recurring status that increases evasion. It can be applied either by the spell Blink, the armor Mirage Vest, or the item Decoy. The Ninjutsu spell Image also applies Blink to the entire party. There are no other ways to apply Blink, and it is an extremely rare status, as it has only appeared in a few games as opposed to several other well-known statuses such as Shell and Regen.




Final Fantasy II

Blink can only be bestowed through the Blink spell.

Final Fantasy IV

The White Magic spell Blink and the Ninjutsu spell Mirage, also known as Image, causes a character to gain the Image status - he or she can avoid the next two physical attacks. In the Advanced port Mist Dragon can cast Blink when summoned, only after Rydia completes her Lunar Trial. Mirage will only target Edge himself, while Blink can be cast on anyone in the party, at a much lower cost than Mirage.

Final Fantasy V

The armor Mirage Vest grants Blink at the start of the battle (only with one "image" instead of the usual two). The Mix Kiss of Blessing also grants Blink status, though it also grants Berserk and Haste as well.

Final Fantasy VI

Characters with the Image status are immune to physical attacks. When they are physically struck, there is a 25% chance the status will be Dispelled. It can be applied via the Esper Fenrir or the Inviz Edge. Also, the Mirage Vest allows a character to start a battle out with Image.

Final Fantasy XI

Blink is a White Magic spell that creates shadow images that absorb a single attack until they all disappear. The same effect can be achieved with the Ninjitsu spell, Utsusemi.


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