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Blaze in Final Fantasy V.

Blaze is a recurring ability in the Final Fantasy series. It is a Fire-elemental attack usually used by enemies to damage all party members.




Final Fantasy

The Chimera genus of enemies casts blaze as their strongest attack, as does the Red Dragon, Hellhound and two bosses in the Earthgift Shrine, the Two-Headed Dragon and Ahriman. The spell is the most potent, however, in the hands of the Final Boss, Chaos.

Final Fantasy II

A weak version of this spell, Blaze VII, can be used by the Chimera. The much more powerful Blaze XVI attack is known by the Salamander and the bosses Red Dragon, Tiamat, Beelzebub Soul, and Deumion. Blaze 7 can also be utilized by the player by using the Wyvern in battle.

Final Fantasy IV

Chimeras and Chimera Brains can cast Blaze to inflict a large amount of Fire damage.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Flamehounds can use Blaze to deal Fire-elemental damage to all characters.

Final Fantasy V

A whole host of dragon-type enemies use the Blaze attack and can be Controlled to cast the spell. These include the Gorgimera, Istory Lythos, Magic Dragon, Wyrm, Shield Dragon, and Mini Dragon. Other enemies who use the Blaze attack are the Covert, Archeoaevis, Jura Aevis, Neo Shinryu, and the Liquid Flame, who counters with Blaze when in its human form.

Final Fantasy VI

The Bomb genus of enemies, as well as the Great Dragon, use Blaze.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

While not a specific ability itself, Blaze is the title of the Bomb's skillset.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

One of Garland's HP attacks is named Blaze, and involves him spinning his sword in order to fire several bolts of flame at opponents.


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