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This article is about the artillery weapon. You may be looking for the personal blast cannon.
A Republic cannon manned by clones.
A blaster cannon.

A blaster cannon, also known as a flash cannon, was a limited-range heavy artillery variant of the handheld blaster. Blaster cannons were commonly fitted aboard atmospheric vehicles.[1]



Blaster cannons were powered by power packs of ionized cryogenic cells. Unlike laser cannons, blaster cannons could be set at various levels of damage, ranging from stun to full power. Aside, there existed several designations of blaster cannon strength, including light blaster cannons, medium blaster cannons, and heavy blaster cannons.[2] Blaster cannons were commonly less powerful than laser cannons, though were quite effective during atmospheric combat, especially against ground troops and vehicles.[1]


Notable military vehicles that utilized blaster cannons in their arsenal included the military version Seraph-class urban landspeeder produced by SoroSuub Corporation[1], All Terrain Scout Transports and 74-Z speeder bikes of the Galactic Empire, as well as the TIE/In interceptor. The Arakyd Industries Viper probe droid was similarly equipped with a blaster cannon.[3]

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