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Blanche Hunt
Occupation Corset maker (retired)
Born 22nd January 1936
Birthplace Weatherfield
Residence 1 Coronation Street
Sibling(s) Beryl Linfield
Spouse(s) Donald Hunt (1950)
Children Deirdre Barlow (1955)
First appearance 19th August 1974
Last appearance 11th December 2009
Duration 19741976, 1977, 1978, 1981, 1997, 1998-2009
Played by Patricia Cutts
Maggie Jones

Blanche Hunt (née Linfield) is one of the long running characters on the show. She is played by actress Maggie Jones . Originally, actress Patricia Cutts played the role for two episodes before committing suicide. Maggie Jones was then called upon to fill in the role.


Blanche is the mother of Deirdre. She is often described as having an "acid tongue" as she often makes unnecessary insensitive comments, often to her daughter. Although this behaviour upsets Deirdre, Blanche occasionally admits to caring for her daughter.

Her husband, Donald Hunt, was a bank manager. He died in January 1963 after being knocked down outside their house by a black Ford Prefect. The tragedy was witnessed by a then seven-year-old Deirdre.

Blanche's appearances on the show have been very erratic. She appeared consistently from 1974-1976 before being reduced to occasional appearances over the next two years. She again appeared briefly in 1981, 1996 and 1997. She has resumed her full-time role as of 1998. Blanche's has appeared on the programme from 1974-1976, 1978, 1981, 1996, 1998, 1998-1999, and 8 August 1999 until 12 December 2009.

A famous 'Blanche Quote' is often played by Radio 1 DJ Sara Cox: "Skirt no bigger than a belt, too much eyeliner, and roots as dark as her soul!" This line was spoken by Blanche in reference to Liz McDonald.

Blanche has supported her granddaughter, Tracy Barlow, in her court case for the murder of her boyfriend Charlie Stubbs; believing that Tracy was innocent in her claim that she hit him in self defence as he was about to attack her with a knife (which Tracy placed in his hand after she hit him. Blanche sold No. 7, the house she owned, to Liam Connor in order to pay for Tracy's legal costs.

After Tracy was found guilty of murder and sent to prison, Blanche felt her family tearing away because Ken had refused to support Tracy after finding she was truly guilty.

Blanche was hired by Hayley in late 2007 to help Becky Granger at Roy's Rolls although she often complained about the work being too hard with her Polish hip and some days did not turn up for work.

At Liz McDonald's most recent hen party, before her marriage to Vernon Tomlin , Blanche stated that her ideal man was George Melly and she liked "a man with a bit of edge". In 2008, Blanche became a regular at the new bookies on Rosamund Street, Blanche complained about the tea they supplied but Dan Mason was sure that the tea was fine. Dan later barred Blanche from the bookies but his Dad, Harry Mason wanted to keep customers happy and made him revoke the ban, to Blanche's pleasure. Blanche accused Ken of having a gay affair with Ted Page and cheating on her daughter Deirdre.

In May 2009, Deirdre discovered that Ken had been having an affair with actress Martha Fraser. When she took Ken back, Blanche was incredulous. Tired of her mother's interference, Deirdre ordered Blanche to leave No. 1. Having nowhere else to go, Blanche turned up with her suitcases at Peter's flat announcing that she was going to be moving in with him and Simon. After a few weeks, Ken asked her if she would like to move back in to their house. She said she would move back in if Ken agreed to do her room up for her, since she didn't like it. Ken agreed and Blanche moved back in, apologized to Deirdre, and they both made up.

In November, Blanche got drunk at the Barlow's tea party and spoke out about both Peter and Leanne's dodgy pasts.

Background information

  • Actress Maggie Jones passed away on 2nd December 2009. Blanche's fate has not yet been addressed in the programme. It was later revealed that Blanche will be given an on-screen funeral later on in the year.


"Hallelujah!" (Final line) "Good looks are a curse, you and Kenneth should count yourselves lucky" (Blanche talking to Deirdre) "Ken recently had an affair with an actress. It wasn't Nicole Kidman or Glenda Jackson. She lived on a tugboat" (at the AA meeting)


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