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Blamco Mac and Cheese
effects: +2 Radiation
+5 HP
addiction: none
weight: 1
value: 5
base id: 8C556

Blamco Mac and Cheese is a food item found in Fallout 3. It can restore some of your Hit Points, but also gives you a small amount of radiation.


Blamco Mac & Cheese restores 5 HP, but also increases the player's radiation level by 2 RAD. Eating Blamco Mac & Cheese is much like drinking water as both are tactical choices; increased HP at the cost of increasing RAD count.

Selling Blamco Mac & Cheese, as well as all other food items, is recommended as the HP regained from said products will never add up unless a large quantity of food is consumed. Blamco Mac & Cheese sells for about 2-3 caps each (depending on Barter) and can easily add up due to it and other food products being commonly found throughout the Wasteland.


  • Blamco Mac & Cheese presents no risk of addiction.
  • Blamco Mac & Cheese is one of the many food items made "better" by the Food Sanitizer.
  • As with most food items, it is possible to die from eating a box of Blamco Mac & Cheese if the player's radiation level is high enough (998 RAD).
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