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Blades are a specific type of sword.



Final Fantasy X

Blades are Auron's weapons.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

For the stats, see List of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Weapons#Blades

Blades are used by Fighters, Mog Knights, and Gladiators. The list of Blades are below:

  • Sweep Blade - Blade for cutting down enemies as they close in.
  • Shadow Blade - Blade painted black for use at night.
  • Sun Blade - Blade said to hold the power of the sun itself.
  • Atmos Blade - Lightning blade that makes the air around it tremble
  • Flametongue - Blade said to lick the air like a fiery tongue.
  • Air Blade - Blade said to be made in the shape of a gale.
  • Icebrand - Blade made of ice that will never melt.
  • Kwigon Blade - Blade that aids the flow of power through the body.
  • Ogun Blade - Deep crimson blade made to ensure victory in battle.
  • Pearl Blade - Blade as smooth as the skin of a pearl.
  • Paraiba Blade - Valuable blade set with many beautiful gemstones.
  • Venus Blade - Faintly warm blade made of stone.
  • Materia Blade - Blade inlaid with materite.
  • Mythril Blade - Mythril blade forged and tempered with utmost care.
  • Ebon Blade - Blade made of dark power. Fearsome to behold.
  • Adaman Blade - Blade made of adamantite with a deep green luster.
  • Ayvuir Red - The hero Gaol's beloved right-hand blade.
  • Ayvuir Blue - The hero Gaol's beloved left-hand blade.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Blades can be equipped by the Moogle Knight, Fighter, Gladiator, and Heritor jobs. Most have kept their names and abilities taught.

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