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Series: Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers, No. 59
Author(s): Phaedra M. Weldon
Publication information
Published: eBook - December 2005
ISBN: ISBN 1416520430



From the back cover: When a Federation world suffers a planet-wide blackout, it's the S.C.E. to the rescue. While Commander Gomez and her crack team of engineers work to help keep the planet from falling into chaos, the ship's linguist, Bart Faulwell, is given a special assignment: find the Asarion linguist named Jewlan -- who triggered the blackout with what appears to be a weapon in an archaeological dig.

The Asarion people have a unique biology that causes random shifts from male to female. Faulwell's friendship with Jewlan, and her crush on him, is a minor diversion, at first, especially given the struggles Faulwell is having with his own relationship. But when Jewlan becomes Jolen, Faulwell finds himself with more than one difficult decision -- especially when the power outage worsens and threatens to destroy not only Asario, but the da Vinci as well!


Bart Faulwell | Jewlan | Jolen | David Gold | Sonya Gomez | Mor glasch Tev | Carol Abramowitz | P8 Blue | Soloman | Fabian Stevens | Susan Haznedl | Songmin Wong | Anthony Shabalala | Nancy Conlon | Laura Poynter | Domenica Corsi | Makk Vinx | Elizabeth Lense


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Guild Wars

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Skill details
Campaign: Prophecies Mesmer
Profession: Mesmer
Attribute: Domination Magic
Type: Touch Skill
    10 Energy 1 Activation 12 Recharge

Full: For 2...5 seconds, all of touched target foe's skills are disabled, and all of your skills are disabled for 5 seconds.

Concise: (2...5 seconds.) Disables skills. Your skills are disabled (5 seconds).


Domination Magic 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
Duration 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 8


Skill Quests:

Skill Trainers:


  • In PvP, coordinated use of Blackout on an enemy Monk during a spike can be effective.
  • Blackout can also be effective against Warriors (or Paragons); disabled adrenal skills will lose all their adrenaline and won't gain more until they are recharged.
  • If a skill is disabled while it is activating, it will fail at the end of its activation.

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Halo 3


Arctic, Earth


Icy metal walkways and platforms[1]

Weapons on Map
Vehicles on map


Equipment on map
Power-ups on map


Preferred Gametypes
Recommended Number of Players


Bathed in frozen moonlight, this abandoned drilling platform is now a monument to human frailty.

Blackout[2] is a multiplayer map featured in Halo 3 and is a remake of the Halo 2 map, Lockout. It is featured as one of the three maps in the Legendary Map Pack that became available on April 15th, 2008.


Design and Layout

Rather than a Forerunner facility, like its predecessor, the map takes place in the Arctic[1] on Weather Station Z/41. The map is built around a helicopter pad, branching off of this pad in all four directions are buildings, each building has an upper and lower level, and two of them have an even higher floor. These two towers have been dubbed the "Sniper Tower" and the "BR Tower". This was made since that is what spawns atop each of them, the Sniper Tower (where Sniper Rifle spawns) is the smaller of the two, and the BR Tower is the larger. The other two buildings consist of a walled room that leads to the BR Tower, and a tall building that has an "Air Lift" in it. The Air Lift building has an exit at the Helipad and the lower level, to go up the building you ride an Air Lift, named because of the fan that propels air, and you, upwards.

Blackout's code name was Moonlight Sonata during its development due to the level's dark night-time sky, and as an allusion to one of Beethoven's works. It replaces Assembly in the Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack. Assembly was included in the Mythic Map Pack. Rather than the blue gravity lift that was featured in Lockout, Blackout has a red airshaft, which appears to fit the atmosphere better.


In the second most recent ViDoc, multiple forge items from Blackout were revealed. They include detailed staircases, man-cannons, standard doorways, portals, and blocking doorways, shield doors, and newly edited shipping crates that stay once they are placed. Another new object is the FX filter. Using these will change the tint, contrast, brightness, and overall color of the map, and it is recommended to experiment. You may combine them, to make cool effects. The barracks on Blackout contain a basketball hoop, and the Battle Rifle tower is now featured with windows compared to being fully opened.

The level is not an exact replica of Lockout, as there are several noticeable differences. Several jumps have been removed to limit mobility around the map, as well as the removal of a "window" in the Library area that does not allow the players to see under the middle of the level. Players also cannot shoot from the bottom level of the "BR" Tower to the bottom level of the "Sniper" Tower.


1) The Sniper Tower, 2) The Air Lift room, 3) The Helipad.
  • As mentioned above you can shoot the Fusion Coils to launch the Sniper Rifle toward you.
  • You can camp in the center room (under the Helicopter pad), on the slanted walls, a Shotgun is recommended.
  • If you inch up on the wind tunnel, in the lift room at the top, you can fall down without being shot back up.
  • Blackout has, just as Lockout, many combinations of death defying jumps, learn the map, and use these to drop down behind your enemy or in your enemy's blind spot. One handy jump is from BR1 to BR2. Along the wall on the hatch that you can drop through from BR2 to BR1, there is a little ledge that you can jump on. If you jump on the ledge, you can jump up to the next floor. This is useful when there is someone above you because it will surprise him or her and it is quicker.
  • Control of the open areas depends on control of the sniper tower and the sniper.
  • A great way to kill the opposing team is to control the air duct, Sniper tower, and helipad. Concentrate your fire when you see them.
  • When holding the helipad in Swat patrol the ramps. Many people go up the left one. You can get many kills and save your buddies if you can kill the enemy fast.
  • The bottom floors are common in firefights, throw a few grenades into the gaps on the other side to soften them up for your teammates below.
  • While alone on BR3 (third floor of BR Tower) always watch behind you. If you are alone and your team-mates are covering other points of the map, your opponents usually spawn below you at BR2 or BR1, offering a perfect chance for them to come behind you.
  • Many players often take the sword without bothering to look there. You can hide in the corner and easily assassinate them. It is risky because the carrier can see you and easily kill you, but if he misses you it can be quite humiliating.
  • The yellow walls can be jumped on top of, giving you a vantage point of the walkways below.
  • Always remember that when you are on Top Lift, you can always jump to Elbow if there is an enemy there, a team-mate in trouble or you just want to make an escape. This escape is actually better then dropping down the hatches on the side because you can get fragged easily.
  • When playing Team SWAT, if you spawn at Lift in the beginning of the game then do not go up the lift. Your enemy will most likely be expecting you and you will be killed as soon as you get up. If you spawn at Rec Room, then look towards lift. If there's nobody there or you killed him or her already, then look towards Elbow. You can usually get some kills early in the game this way.
  • Unlike in Lockout the bottom passage is not entirely lined up, or at least less so than Lockout. This was probably meant to reduce long range battles down the passage and make it an easier area to traverse.
  • As in Lockout, close-ranged weapons are key.
  • You can drop down about halfway at the airlift, armed with a close range weapon you can ambush another player.



  • The helicopter pad seems small enough to hold a Hornet comfortably, although Hornets are not a spawnable item in Forge.
  • Bungie claimed that one of the only differences between Lockout and Blackout is that the Needlers were replaced with Brute Spikers.
  • The lights in the sky are the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).
  • Bungie claims that the model for Blackout was rebuilt because the original model of Lockout was too messy and chaotic to work with.
  • The map is slightly larger than Lockout in some aspects and areas: the Battle Rifle tower is actually larger, the Barracks are smaller, and the Platform next to the Sniper tower is larger.
  • Upon falling off the platform, a splash can be seen after your character lands in the water. On other occasions, if your character lands in the water flat on his/her back or stomach he/she will land and slowly sink downward into the ocean.
  • The windows throughout the map are identical, including their reflection. The windows were originally made for the Barracks (opposite the lift). The reflection when you look in these windows is a blurry view of the lift area. If you look into the other windows (bottom of sniper tower are easiest to see), you will see the same image.
  • Blackout is a favored map for Team SWAT because of its mix of mid and short range combat.
  • The room right behind the sniper spawn cannot be entered. Even using glitches to get your way in will result in death by the guardians.
  • Interestingly this map has been a hotbed for the Ghosts of Halo, perhaps none-too-surprisingly, as the first Ghost of Halo was reported at Lockout, Blackout's predecessor.
  • Blackout, along with Cold Storage and Orbital, are the only maps in Halo 3 that do not spawn a Brute Shot by default.
  • If you look in one of the rooms with the items hanging up on the wall, there are core samples on shelves that can only be obtained by drilling, thus explaining the "Drilling Platform" description.
  • Exactly every 5 minutes, a red comet will soar over the sky for a split second. This also appears in Sandbox (Level).
  • Bungie stated in the Legendary Vidoc that you can block off all the doors in Blackout if you want to with doors. However, there is not a large enough supply of doors to block ALL the ways inside.
  • Unlike Lockout, the map isn't featured in Big Team or Squad Battle playlists.
  • This map was originally going to be set on a partially destroyed Strato-Sentinel on The Ark, near the planetoid in its center.
  • There is a basketball hoop in the room above the sword spawn. You can set a radar jammer to spawn instantly and play basketball, using the radar jammer as the basketball.


  • Doors placed in certain entrances usually make Infection Mode more interesting and challenging.
  • Using the doors you can block off whole rooms of the level, this small change alone can change the way the level plays, in respect to movements of the players, effectively changing the entire dynamic of the game.
  • If you pick up a turret while somebody's in it, then push him or her as far up as possible, you can send him or her past the barrier and he or she can float objects way above the level. But there's a death barrier if you go too high.
  • Through a glitch in Forge, you are able to spawn a teleporter inside of the smokestacks. Once inside, however, the player has very limited mobility, and if moved in a certain spot, will be killed by the Guardians or the death will count as a suicide.
  • When closing off rooms, make sure that there is no vertical way to get in, or find some way to block off said entrances.
  • The Large Shield Door, fits perfectly over the larger gap in the wall on BR3, creating a good safe haven where you can let your shields recharge.



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Marvel Database

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

The old secondary world select menu during a blackout.

A server blackout is the unexpected crash of a server, typically resulting in all players being logged out for an extended period of time. Those listed on this page are events which affected most, if not all, game servers and may have affected other RuneScape facilities such as the forums and main website.

Server blackouts are generally caused by a technical failure at Jagex and as such players can do nothing but wait until the problem is fixed. In some cases, a rollback is necessary. A rollback is an operation the database in the servers are returned to a previous state. On rare occasions where a rollback is performed, any changes that occurred between the crash and the previous state is lost. This include gained experience, trade transactions, etc.

This is what happens to players who attempt to login during a blackout.

During a server blackout, worlds on the select screen are listed as having 0 players, rather than being offline or having a specific number. This occurs because when a server is deliberately taken offline, the game screen is changed to reflect this. However on an unexpected crash, the login server simply assumes that nobody is connected to that server.

In the following section, each blackout that have occurred during the history of RuneScape is documented, along the reasons given for the blackout. All times are noted in UTC, unless otherwise stated. (Note that this is one hour behind British Summer Time, or BST, during the summer due to daylight savings.)


List of server blackouts in 2007

First server blackout of 2007

The first server blackout of 2007 was a pair of events that happened on 2 and 3 June 2007 in which all RuneScape servers were shut down for several hours. RSC servers remained online however, and received a flood of RS2 players, reaching 1,000 logged-in on both RSC worlds combined.

We do apologise. We had experienced a slight server outage which had removed all of the players from the game. This was done as a safeguard to ensure that our players did not lose any game data. We will continue to monitor this throughout the night but we suspect that this will be an isolated incident. Thank you for your patience regarding this matter.
Falador centre filled with rioters during the event.

When the servers went back online, players were confused and were unsure about why this happened. Since it was the first blackout many players had encountered, rumours that a hacker manipulated the servers were everywhere. A group of players in World 66 in Falador lied that the Kalphite Queen appeared in Falador and when players stormed into Falador, a group of mages attempted to telegroup players to the Ice Plateau in level 50 Wilderness. Many lower-levelled players who were unaware that the Ice Plateau was located in deep Wilderness accepted the teleother and were killed. This event was a classic example of luring.

Second server blackout of 2007

The second server blackout of 2007 occurred on 15 July 2007. It caused players to lose what they had done in the past hour thus causing several rants and riots in game, most notably the riot in World 66 in Falador. Jagex moderators stated on the forums that this was due to a Jagex Internet Server Provider (ISP) outage, and that they would take steps to decrease the chance of this occurring in the future, as it was the second blackout within two months.

Third server blackout of 2007

The third server blackout of 2007 occurred starting at 01:28 UTC and ending at 04:33 on 19 November 2007. It was caused by a hardware failure at Jagex's main hosting facility. For unknown reasons, the router/firewall malfunctioned and stopped forwarding traffic to the internet.

RuneScape 2, including the German beta version, as well as all other aspects of RuneScape which required logging-in such as the forums and account management went offline. The only exception being RuneScape Classic. The Friends List server went down approximately half an hour before the servers blacked out. Shortly after the servers came back on, a riot broke out in World 66. Mod Zach showed up to talk to players.

As with all other riots, players congregated in Falador centre shouting phrases such as, "Shave the whales", "Ice me", "Jagex failed", along with many other phrases from previous riots. The Retribution prayer was also seen during this riot; players would activate the prayer to show their anger with Jagex. The riot continued in the Frozen Waste Plateau.

List of server blackouts in 2008

First server blackout of 2008

The first server blackout of 2008 occurred around 18:50 UTC on 17 January 2008. The official forums and other parts of the website went offline. The servers came back on at around 19:05. The cause of this blackout is unknown.

Second server blackout of 2008

The second server blackout of 2008 occurred only two days after the first blackout of 2008 at about 05:30 UTC on 19 January 2008. All players were logged-off the servers, although the login servers were down for some time before. Website features were also offline, similar to other blackouts that have occurred in the past. This blackout was short-lived, lasting only 30 minutes as the servers came online again at about 06:00 UTC.

Third server blackout of 2008

The third server blackout of 2008 occurred at about 15:25 UTC on Friday, 13 June 2008 (Friday the 13th). World 119 was the first server to go offline. The login servers went down at 15:25, and at about 15:34, all players were logged-off from the worlds.

During much of the blackout, the website's main page indicated that there were still 347 people playing the game, despite the fact that on the world selection list, all servers were listed as having zero players. This appeared to have been fixed at about 17:00. It was apparent that this was a bug, as there were not actually any players on the servers. The General and Tech Support forums user numbers went up and Jagex moderators (mainly Mod Emilee), forum moderators, and helpful players congregated, helping out the confused players. Rumours began of a second RuneScape 666 (Runescape 666 is when a glitch occurs, allowing many people to attack each other in a non-attack area.), which was of course not true.

This blackout also affected FunOrb, being the first blackout since its launch. Most players were unable to play games, although some were able to login despite the blackout. Website features and the forums were also disabled as a result.

At about 17:00 UTC, the following was announced on the RuneScape main page:

Telstra, one of our service providers, is currently experiencing technical difficulties. As a result, you will not be able to access the RuneScape game and a number of our website features. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and we are assured our service provider is working hard to rectify this fault.

By 17:30, all world servers were back online, with the exception of World 119 being back online a while later after some maintenance work.

Fourth server blackout of 2008

The fourth server blackout of 2008 occurred at 13:55 UTC on Tuesday, 1 July 2008. Free servers, especially those which were British, crashed first. This was possibly due to Jagex's headquarters being located in Cambridge, United Kingdom. Shortly after, every other server blacked out. Evidence suggests that this blackout resulted from the RuneScape High Detail update, which was introduced only 20 minutes beforehand.

At 14:07 on the same day, the rants forum had 383 active users and peaked at 452 users at 14:14. The number of users fell to 180 at 20:25.

The servers were brought back online at approximately 14:25 the same day. The following was announced on the RuneScape main page:

Due to the high volume of traffic and the size of today's update, RuneScape has experienced some technical difficulties. This has led to several worlds going offline and issues with the Grand Exchange. We are aware of these problems and they should be fixed shortly. We apologise for any inconvenience we may have caused you.

If you are struggling to download the client, please choose a world from the USA, as they have more bandwidth available. You can always switch to your favourite world once the client has downloaded.

Fifth server blackout of 2008

An image of the world choosing page during the fifth server blackout.

The fifth server blackout of 2008 occurred after a system update around 14:00 UTC on Thursday, 17 July 2008. The world selection screen showed as all worlds, either members or free-to-play, as being offline. No announcement was made as to what caused this blackout.

Some world servers started to be back online at around 14:13 and the blackout lasted only 13 minutes.

Sixth server blackout of 2008

The sixth server blackout of 2008 occurred at on 19:13 UTC on 23 October 2008. The servers were partly back online at 19:22, becoming the shortest blackout ever and eventually were fully running a short while later. This blackout was originally believed to be due to the 2008 Hallowe'en event update, as evidence suggests that this blackout is similar to the blackout that occurred after the RuneScape High Detail update.

List of server blackouts in 2009

First server blackout of 2009

The first server blackout of 2009 occurred on 25 February 2009. Many members-only and free-to-play worlds worldwide (Worlds 110, 111, 112, 115, 49, 81, and 50) went offline at around 23:00 UTC, and those worlds which remained logged-out hundreds of players soon after. This blackout was caused by a mass bug which was exploited by players using the Public chat interface.

Second server blackout of 2009

The second server blackout of 2009 occurred on Tuesday, 17 March 2009, after The Chosen Commander was released. Servers began crashing one-by-one, and completely went offline at around 14:04 UTC.

After losing connection with an offline server, players experienced problems with being unable to log into another server, receiving the message "Your account has not logged out from its last session. Try again in a few minutes." even after 10 minutes or more had elapsed.

Many Jagex Moderators had claimed in the RuneScape forums that the blackout could never last more than 10–30 minutes, but this was not the case as the blackout lasted approximately 50 minutes (14:04–14:54 UTC). Popular servers in America and Canada (including Worlds 1 and 2) remained offline until 16:13.

Third server blackout of 2009

The third server blackout of 2009 occurred on Sunday, 14 June 2009 at 20:30. A few worlds were reported to go offline. Jagex fixed the blackout 10 minutes later.

Fourth server blackout of 2009

The fourth server blackout of 2009 (though technically not a blackout) occurred only two days after the third on Tuesday, 16 June 2009. At about 15:40 UTC, all European servers were shut down, and almost 4 hours later, the European servers were back online.

Around about the time of the blackout, a Jagex Moderator started a new thread on RuneScape Forums.

Unfortunately, our ISP is experiencing some difficulty with their hardware. Whilst this is investigated, we are shutting down all of our European worlds. Please feel free to use one of our many other worlds to continue with your game play. We apologise for the frustration and inconvenience.

Fifth server blackout of 2009

The servers are offline.
Players experience errors connecting to the servers as they slowly crash.

The fifth server blackout of 2009 occurred on Thursday, 16 July 2009. At 21:16 UTC, Mod Gibson issued an announcement on the RuneScape Tech Support Forum regarding a crash of one of the American servers. Over the next several hours, the problem grew: by 01:06 UTC on Friday, 17 July, 20 American servers (1, 2, 7-9, 21, 22, 26-32, 42, 47, 48, 56, 70, and 100) had gone offline during play, rendering the accounts of players in those worlds inaccessible for over an hour. Some players subsequently reported experiencing a rollback of 15 minutes to an hour while others reported experiencing no such effect. In a press release issued shortly afterwards, Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard blamed the interruption on problems with an ISP contracted by Jagex to provide services in the United States:

We'd like to sincerely apologise for a number of worlds being down last night and this morning. This is due to Navisite, one of our ISPs in Nevada. We are deeply disappointed in the service we have received from Navisite during the course of our relationship, and will not only be seeking damages for this service outage, but will naturally be moving all of our services from Navisite to a better ISP.
Mark Gerhard, Update:Worlds Down

Service was restored to two servers (1 and 2) later that day, but Jagex took down 19 additional NaviSite-run servers, including 4 serving Canada, due to concerns about reliability:

We've temporarily taken down some of our game worlds due to ongoing issues with our ISP Navisite. We deeply regret the service outage, and as I mentioned before we are now in the process of moving to a better ISP. ...The following worlds are currently affected: 4-9, 13, 14, 17-22, 26-32, 37, 42, 47, 48, 56, 61, 62, 64-66, 70, 72, 100 and 113-116...
Mod MMG, Update:Worlds still down

In a later Tech Support Forum post, the Jagex CEO reported that "the problem was caused by the ISP's routers being overloaded. It was not a problem with our own systems, or with us having inadequate bandwidth." Service was eventually restored sometime between 7:37 and 11:37 UTC on 18 July 2009.

Sixth server blackout of 2009

The sixth server blackout of 2009 occurred on Tuesday, 28 July 2009 at 17:00 UTC and lasted for around 20 minutes. The server blackout included servers in Sweden, Mexico, India, and many others. Although no official statement was made towards the blackout, there was no warning prior to the blackout and all players on the effected worlds disconnected from RuneScape. Some people involved in the disconnection could not log back into RuneScape as the game was already notifying them of their accounts being online. Service was restored around 2 hours later for all of the affected servers.

Seventh server blackout of 2009

The seventh server blackout of 2009 occurred on Thursday, 20 August 2009 at 01:07 UTC and lasted for around 5 minutes. The server blackout included all European servers including the UK, Sweden, France, Germany and the Netherlands. No official statement was made towards the blackout yet there was no warning prior to the blackout either and all players on the effected worlds disconnected from RuneScape. Some people involved in the disconnection could not log back onto RuneScape as the game server was notifying them of their accounts being online. This was mainly caused by the person logging onto the server their account had crashed on. Service was restored minutes after the crash.

Eighth server blackout of 2009

The eighth blackout of 2009 occurred on Tuesday, 27 October 2009 at approximately 03:30 UTC. At the time of writing, this blackout is currently underway - no definitive server restore time can be stated.
After being disconnected from the server, an "Error connecting to server" message was displayed upon a log-in re attempt, followed by the "Your account has not logged out from its last session" message after further log-in attempts.

This issues seems to be affecting some, but not all, membership accounts.


Edit: This can be fixed by logging in and out on the homepage of Runescape, you can then log in as you normally would.

Ninth Server Blackout of 2009

The Ninth Server Blackout of 2009 occurred 21 December at about 15:32 UTC.

This was discovered on FunOrb, At the end of a tutorial in Kickabout League.

This can be fixed by logging out and logging back in

List of server blackouts in 2010

First server blackout of 2010

The first server blackout of 2010 occurred on Friday, 1 January 2010 at approximately 20:30 UTC. This blackout lasted for about 5–10 minutes, and occurred only on World 2. Prior to the blackout there was more lag than usual. Moments after the blackout ended, World 2 could be seen with 1263 players, as opposed to its usual 2000, and the lag was very bad for the first 3 minutes after the blackout.

Second server blackout of 2010

The second blackout of 2010 occurred on Thursday, 11 January 2010 at approximately 00:58 UTC. This blackout affected worlds: 154, 155, 156, 157, 158, 159.

There was not much lag when it went offline.

Third server blackout of 2010

The third blackout of 2010.

The third blackout of 2010 occurred on Thursday, 21 January 2010 at approximately 00:20 UTC, this blackout affected Canadian worlds 154, 155, and 157, Mexican world 156, and worlds 158 and 159. As of approximately 1:00 UTC, accounts that were logged into the affected worlds are free to log in. If a player was in a clan chat in one of the affected worlds while the blackout was in effect, their name would remain there as 'ghosts' until the player logged into a different world. Due to this blackout, all accounts that had been playing on these worlds at the time had a rollback, anywhere from 5–30 minutes.

This blackout lasted approximately an hour.

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

A blackout was a primitive projectile rifle used by many small military factions and groups around the galaxy. A Trandoshan mercenary group modeled their weapons after the blackout's design and function, including the ammunition type and shape of the weapon. The blackout rifle was in use by Mandalorian children as a hunting tool, allowing them to train for adulthood.


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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

There were three of us in Energon alone!

The name Blackout has been applied to several Transformers characters.

Blackout should not be confused with...

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