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Blackmail Iguana Bob
location: Hub
given by: Gretch
reward: 500 experience
variable weekly wage
-2 karma
related: None
Although Iguana Bob does business in the Hub, this quest actually starts in Junktown, where the restaurateur's supplier resides. Go to Doc Morbid's Hospital (an institution where you'll be "made useful" if you can't pay) and climb down the ladder into the doctor's basement. You'll meet a mentally-challenged worker of diminished stature named Gretch who will not so subtly let it slip that he's hard at work sorting out some human body parts to send to Iguana Bob in the Hub. If you confront Doc Morbid over it, nothing will happen and you can't tell the authorities, leaving little opportunity for justice to be served. If you kill Gretch, however, the Doctor and his two bodyguards, Flash and Cougar, will attack, and no one else will be that bothered.

Go to the Hub and find Iguana Bob's stall Downtown. You'll need a high Speech skill to frighten him enough. Depending on your Barter skill, you can blackmail him for a large slice of his profits and then come back when you have a higher Barter skill to renegotiate. This number can go as high as 10000 with lots of patience, but your karma will plummet.

Cultural Reference

  • When the player is trying to blackmail Bob into paying him, one of the dialogue options is to say "Prime Choice Select is made of people!!!! It's made of people!!!" loudly. This is a reference to Charlton Heston's famous line from the movie Soylent Green in which his character realizes a similarly morbid truth.
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