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The Blackjack.
The Blackjack's interior.

The Blackjack is an airship in Final Fantasy VI. It is one of two airships in the world, the other being the Falcon. It has a casino (which the player cannot use), an item shop, and a free recovery point.



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Before the adventure began, Setzer Gabbiani, the owner of the airship, raced it around the world against his girlfriend Darill, the owner of the Falcon. However, Darill died in the race.

The Returners contacted Setzer because they needed the Blackjack to get to the Southern Continent, where the Empire was. Setzer decided to let them use the Blackjack as a result of a rigged coin toss, which he lost. He took them to Vector, and waited on the Blackjack while the others went to the Magitek Factory to free the imprisoned Espers. Setzer came to Vector to look for them, and found them just as they were escaping. Everyone escaped on the Blackjack, and had to fight the Cranes to escape Vector airspace. The Blackjack was then free to use at will.

After Terra's plea to the Espers for help, the Espers attacked the Blackjack, and as a result, the ship took heavy damage. Cid Del Norte Marquez helped Setzer repair it, after which Setzer flew it to Thamasa to warn Terra of a plan by Kefka Palazzo. The airship was then used to attack the Floating Continent. During the Apocalypse, the Blackjack was destroyed.

In the World of Ruin, an airship model that looks like the Blackjack scaled to 1/1200 its original size is being sold at the Auction, but winning it is impossible.

On the deck of the Blackjack.


Top Deck

Similar in layout to that of an ocean ship the top deck features a wooden deck skirted by railing for crew safety. The controls for the ship are situated just forward of the accessway below deck.

Upper Deck

Set up as a two leveled casino the upper deck contains at least three card tables and a roulette table.

Lower Deck

The lower deck provides access to the more private rooms including one more card table, access to the engine room and Setzer's personal chambers.

CG render of the Blackjack.


Item Shop

Item Price
Potion 300 Gil
Tincture 1,500 Gil
Phoenix Down 500 Gil
Holy Water 300 Gil
Remedy 1,000 Gil
Tent 1,200 Gil
Smoke Bomb 300 Gil
Teleport Stone 700 Gil


"Setzer's Theme" from Final Fantasy VI
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"Setzer's Theme" is used as the background theme for the Blackjack's cabin, while "Blackjack" plays as the player travels the skies with the Blackjack and on its deck.

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