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Blackhall Manor

World map: Point Lookout
map marker: Blackhall Manor
leaders: Obadiah Blackhall
quests: The Dark Heart of Blackhall
cell name: DLC04BlackhallManor01
ref id: xx004e2d

Blackhall Manor is a location in Point Lookout. The Manor's sole inhabitant is Obadiah Blackhall.


Notable loot

  • There is a locked safe in the northern bedroom on the second floor that contains a fair amount of random loot. It may include ammo, caps, Stealth Boy, a Double-Barrel Shotgun, and a Lever-Action Rifle. Opening and looting this safe (or any of the other contents of the Manor) will not make Obidiah Blackhall hostile.
  • Very Easy locked Footlocker in upstairs hall may contain another Stealth Boy.


  • The door to the basement does not appear on the map.
  • Outside Blackhall are many dolls which signal Swampfolk territory, although the only one in the house is already dead.
  • Obadiah Blackhall mentions that the Manor is a "fine example of Victorian architecture." and that his family moved in to the house before the Great War.
  • This house may also be used as a place to live since all beds are sleepable and you can store stuff in the house containers.
  • If you are getting loaded up on everything for the Bottlecap Mine recipe, but can't find any Cherry Bombs in Point Lookout, there are at least 5 upstairs (3 at top of stairs and 2 in baby carriage). There is a Workbench at Haley's Hardware.

Related quests


Blackhall Manor appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.

Point Lookout (add-on)

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