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Black equipment are weapons stronger than steel equipment, yet weaker than mithril equipment. As with all things black, they have a black colour. Black, along with its counterpart White, is a coloured form of Steel as a result from specialised forging techniques which also slightly increase its defensive capability.[1]



Black weapons give medium attack bonuses. Players require an Attack level of 10 to wield them. Black in general is much more expensive than steel as many players like the dark black colour as well as some black items cannot be bought from stores. Because of this, some high-level players may still be seen wielding black weapons and armour. All black items cannot be smithed. Black armour is comparable to white armour, unlocked after the Wanted! quest. However, white armour is member's only and has a slight Prayer bonus.

== The weapons ==
Black Weapons as seen in RuneScape Classic.
Image Name
Black dagger Black dagger
Black axe Black hatchet
Black mace Black mace
Black claws Black claws
Black sword Black sword
Black longsword Black longsword
Black scimitar Black scimitar
Black spear Black spear
Black warhammer Black warhammer
Black battleaxe Black battleaxe
Black two-handed sword Black two-handed sword
Black halberd Black halberd
Black defender Black defender
Black cane Black cane
Black crossbow Black crossbow
Black knife Black knife
Black darts Black dart


A player wearing Black armour.
Black armour (also known as Blk armour) is currently the fifth-highest quality armour on the standard spectrum of metal armours (bronze to dragon). Black armour requires 10 Defence to wear. Regular full black costs around 8,000 coins. Black, along with dragon and white, are the only three metals that cannot be smithed into weapons or armour (except for the Dragon platebody and Dragon square shield).
Black Armour as seen in RuneScape Classic.

Regular black armour

Elite black armour

Players can obtain special items of black armour, called Elite black armour, during and after the While Guthix Sleeps quest. Elite black armour requires 40 Defence to wear and is roughly the equivalent of Rune armour. Players can wear this armour without having started the quest (and can purchase it on the Grand Exchange, although it is somewhat expensive). This armour is members only.

Other black armour

Trimmed armours have the same bonuses as standard black armours.But it more expensive. These can be obtained by members from Treasure Trails or for free players by buying in Grand Exchange


Gold Trimmed


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  • Players wishing to fight the Tormented wraith after the Summer's End quest must equip black armour and weapons. For black armour, players must wear:
  • Players can wear regular or elite black armour to fight the wraith, but trimmed and gold-trimmed black armour does not count.
  • A number of monsters drop black armour. Elite Black Knights do drop elite black armour. Regular Black Knights, however, do not drop any black items at all.
  • Black armour is an occasional reward from Level 1 Treasure Trails.
  • Unlike many items armour of other metals, items of black armour often sell on the Grand Exchange above their High Level Alchemy price, making them worthwhile to sell there. This is in part because black armour cannot be smithed and also because of the demand for black armour by players wishing to slay tormented wraiths.
  • After the release of RuneScape 2 through around 2006, if you opened up the Smithing guide from your skill tab it would display a "Black" section where it appeared that you could make Black items, though it was never possible.

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