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Black dragons are very powerful monsters and, like all other dragons, an Anti-dragon shield is a must when fighting them, as it can reduce the maximum hit of the breath to about 10. They are level 227 in RuneScape, and level 200 in RuneScape Classic. They are not as popular as the weaker blue dragons and green dragons, but their chance of dropping the much coveted Draconic visage makes them popular to kill, although the chances of getting one are very slim.



Black dragons can only be found in three locations across RuneScape:

Strengths and weaknesses

Black dragons have among the highest defence for a monster in RuneScape. As with all dragons, an anti-dragon shield/Dragonfire shield and/or an Antifire potion is essential when fighting them. Without one, players can be hit extremely hard by dragonfire (over 50 points of damage). Lower-levelled players could potentially be killed in one hit by this attack. Even with an Anti-dragon shield, dragonfire will still deal up to 5 damage, unless an anti-fire potion is consumed. The dragons' melee attacks deal up to 21 damage or may be completely negated with Protect from Melee. If a player uses a/an Anti-dragon/Dragonfire shield, Anti-fire potion and Protect from Melee (sustained by Prayer potions), they will be using an expensive-but-safe method of killing the dragons. It is advised if the player is not using protect from melee (i.e. if they don't bring prayer potions) that they have at least a few prayer points in case a battle turns sour.

They can be ranged or maged safely in all of their locations. If ranging it is advisable to use a crossbow (ideally a Rune crossbow with Mithril, Adamant or Broad-tipped bolts) as an Anti-dragon/Dragonfire shield can still be equipped but as long as the player remains in the safespot, they do not need to equip one of the shields - their dragonfire, unlike that of Metal Dragons and the King Black Dragon is only melee-ranged.

Players with a high Attack and Strength level could also fight them in a Safe spot with a Dragon halberd, as the Special attack does decent damage on them. A Rune halberd or lower is very inefficient, and should not be used.

Using emerald bolts (e), one can poison the black dragon. Since the dragon has a lot of hit points, the poison can do around 15 to 20 poison damage before the dragon finally expires. Just remember to switch to a different set of bolts when the poison takes hold (such as broad-tipped bolts).



100% drops

Weapons, Armour and Ammunition



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Charm drop percentages
No Charm


4 - 16%

18 - 37%

2 - 12%

1 - 10%

Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 60 kills.
3 charms are dropped at once.

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