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Final Fantasy IX Enemy
Black Waltz No. 1
Japanese 黒のワルツ1号
Romaji Kuro no Warutsu 1 Gou
Location Ice Cavern
Class Humanoid
Steal Remedy, Silk Shirt
Item Dropped Hi-Potion
Card Dropped Skeleton
Abilities Hit, Blizzard, Fire
Eat Cannot be eaten
Status Immunity Petrify, Venom, Silence, Darkness, Trouble, Zombie, Death, Confuse, Berserk, Stop, Poison, Sleep, Regen, Float, Heat, Vanish, Doom, Mini
Other Information Will summon a Sealion into battle whenever he is alone.
See also: Black Waltz.

Black Waltz No. 1 is a boss from Final Fantasy IX. It catches up with the party on the trek through the Ice Cavern, and casts a Blizzard spell, which puts the entire party to sleep. Zidane is for some reason slightly resistant to this spell and confronts the Black Waltz alone. A battle ensues.


"Why didn't you fall asleep? You should be dead by now..."
—Black Waltz No. 1

At the start of the battle, Black Waltz No. 1 summons a Sealion to assist in defeating Zidane. It is important to note that if the Sealion is killed before the Black Waltz, another will be summoned to take its place, so defeat the Black Waltz first. The Black Waltz's only attacks are Blizzard and Fire. Because Zidane is fighting alone, it is easy for Trance to activate and Trance's attacks to kill the Black Waltz with ease. When the Waltz dies, the Sealion must also be defeated for Zidane to win.

After the battle, Zorn and Thorn (as disembodied voices) warn Zidane that No. 2 and 3 will take No. 1's place.

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