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See also: Black Mage (Job).
Human Black Mage
Moogle Black Mage
Nu Mou Black Mage
"Wields fire, ice and lightning magic."
—In-Game Description

The Black Mage is a job in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance suited for Humans, Moogles, and Nu Mou who are able to learn Black Magic as a basic job. Nu Mou are better suited to be raised as Black Mages because their magic power growth is better than that of Moogles and Humans. Black Mages can be one of the most powerful classes early on if raised right and have the right equipment. One combination you as a player should try is equipping a Black Robe and having the S-Ability Turbo MP from the White Mage class. Another idea would be to use the Magic Pow+ ability from the Alchemist class.




Black Magic

Black mage command. Use elemental magic.

Skill Equipment Learned From Effect AP To Master MP Use
Fire Rod Fire Damage 100 6
Fira Firewheel Rod Strong Fire Damage 200 12
Firaga Flame Rod Heavy Fire Damage 300 24
Thunder Rod Lightning Damage 100 6
Thundara Thunder Rod Strong Lightning Damage 200 12
Thundaga Thor Rod Heavy Lightning Damage 300 24
Blizzard Rod Ice Damage 100 6
Blizzara Sleet Rod Strong Ice Damage 200 12
Blizzaga Chill Rod Heavy Ice Damage 300 24


Skill Equipment Learned From Effect AP To Master
Return Magic Black Robe Counter offensive magic skills by casting the same spell back at the attacker. 300


Skill Equipment Learned From Effect AP To Master
Geomancy Sage Robe Reduces all target's elemental resistances by one level.
[Asrb > Null > Half > Norm > Weak]


Skill Equipment Learned From Effect AP To Master
Black Combo Mythril Rod Allows the unit to start or join in a Combo during combat. 100


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