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Black Lantern Ring

Official Name
Black Lantern Ring
Black Power Ring, Black Ring


Lead Designer

Place of Creation

Created to be the weapons of the Black Lantern Corps

Current Owner

Image:Quote1.png And with this power, I will finally extinguish the light. Image:Quote2.png
-- Black Hand



From somewhere in Sector 666, the Black Lantern Rings will descend upon the worlds and claims the loved ones who have been lost. They will forever hunger for those who still feel. And when the Blackest Night begins, the Black Lantern Rings find their bearers, and when the Black Lantern Corps is ready...the dead will rise.

The ring has the same porous structure that is seen in bones, or dark matter. It's strung with microscopic holes that are channeling some kind of energy to somewhere, possibly the Black Lantern itself. It grows roots into it's host like plants or parasites. [1]


Black Energy conduit: The Black Lantern Rings are capable of wielding the black energy outside of the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum.

  • Black Energy constructs: Black Lantern Rings can create constructs, but they are seldom created, except when the Black Lantern was used to wield such abilities or certain weapons. Arnold Wesker created a construct of Scarface upon his receiving a ring, and the Black Lanterns created from former Lanterns of other colors also can use them in this fashion.[2]
  • Flight: Black Lantern Rings can allow their users to fly.
  • Reanimation: Upon latching onto a corpse, the Black Lantern ring will reanimate the body. The ring animating the person within downloads all the memories and superhuman abilities (if they had any) of their previous life, but not their souls. Instead, they are malevolent beings who seek to murder even those they considered friends.As of Blackest Night Vol 1 5 Black Lantern rings can also convert already resurrected people into a black lantern.(eg.superboy)
  • Regeneration: Black Lantern Rings will regenerate destroyed limbs to complete the appearance of the corpse.[3]
A reading of the emotions of four separate beings.
  • Emotional reading: The Black Lantern rings are capable of scanning a being's current emotional state and where it falls onto the Emotional Spectrum. They then attack the beings and attempt to remove their hearts. When facing beings with warped mental states, or otherwise addled minds (such as Bizarro), the correlation between the emotion detected and the actual color that the Black Lanterns see is inverted. Once removed, the hearts are converted to energy. A single heart equals 0.01% of the power needed to fully charge the Black Lantern battery, and this is apparently shared throughout the rings of the entire Black Lantern Corps. [4] What happens when they reach 100% power is that the battery teleports from Ryut to Earth (the most important planet in the universe) and summon Nekron, its master, to the physical plane. In Blackest Night #4, the deaths finally mount enough to allow the battery to reach 100% power, allowing Nekron to rise from the ashes of Coast City and command an army of the dead.


  • White light of creation: As expressions of darkness, the Black Lantern rings are vulnerable to the white light that represents life. Eons ago, the darkness splintered the white light into the seven lights of the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum. Individually, the seven lights are unable to harm the Black Lanterns, but the green light of willpower, representing all sentient life, working with one or more of the other six, can render the Black Lantern rings inert and leave the Black Lanterns vulnerable to conventional attacks. The black rings can also have their connections severed by the white power contained within Dawn Granger. Black Lantern Holly Granger was visibly hurt when she attempted to rip out her heart, and the ensuing blast of light severed the connections of an attacking group of Black Lanterns.
  • Emotion: As beings whose entire power is concentrated around the idea of lacking all emotions, they are extremely vulnerable to potent artifacts intended to force emotions upon the victim, such as the Medusa Mask.

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