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For the dungeon in While Guthix Sleeps quest, see Black Knights' Catacombs.
For the quest, see Black Knights' Fortress (quest).
Location on World map
Dark Warriors' Fortress
Goblin Village Black Knights' Fortress Monastery
Ice Mountain
The Black Knights' Fortress.
The inside of the black knight's fortress

The Black Knights' Fortress is a castle north of Falador, Asgarnia and is home to the Black Knights. It is inhabited by Black Knights and Fortress guards. This area is used in the Black Knights' Fortress (quest) and is where King Arthur is being held in King's Ransom. It can be used as a training ground for players, but is almost always empty. On the second floor, Rangers and Mages, as well as members with halberds, can attack the black knight through the bars. It is a complex system of ladders and secret walls. This is also a great place to get your Black knight kill count up after you have done the Wanted! quest.

In order to access the interior of the building you must be equipped with a Bronze med helm and a iron chainbody, or full Dagon'hai robes. Note that full black armour or even full elite black armour will not let you gain access to the building as the guard's door is the only one that can be opened.

Alternatively, if a player is of sufficiently high combat level, killing all the guards outside the door will permit access without any of the above equipment. Note that they must all be simultaneously dead.

Because the Black Knights and White Knights are rivals, the building was presumably built around the same time as the White Knights' castle in Falador.


  • On the Ground Floor, inside of the fortress, there are three Fortress guards. If you kill the two guards closest to the room in which all of the black knights are (the room with the long table), all of the black knights will not be aggressive when you enter.
  • Once inside the fortress, if you take off and unwield all of your armour and weapons, you can walk around most of the fortress without the Fortress guards or black knights being aggressive.
  • You don't have to complete While Guthix Sleeps to enter with full Dagon'hai.
  • The entire castle isn't multicombat.
  • It is impossible to set up a dwarf cannon here, due to close proximity to the Dwarf Black Guard.

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