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Black Cowl artwork from Final Fantasy V.

The Black Cowl is a recurring piece of headgear in the Final Fantasy series. It is usually a mid-level armor and tends to grant various bonuses.




Final Fantasy

The Black Cowl appears in the Dawn of Souls version. It is a mid-level armor, and grants +8 Defense, +1 Weight, +10 Evasion, and +3 Strength, Agility, and Stamina. It can only be found in the Earthgift Shrine.

Final Fantasy III

The Black Cowl can be equipped by Freelancers, Onion Knights, Monks, Rangers, Thieves, Black Belts, and Ninja. It grants +15 Defense, +10 Magic Defense, and +2 Speed.

Final Fantasy IV

Black Cowl is a helmet that provides 5 Defense, 1 Magic Defense, 4 Evasion, and 1 Magic Evasion, as well as preventing Sleep. It also provides +3 Strength, Speed, and Stamina, and is only found at the Sealed Cave.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Black Cowl returns as a helmet, providing nearly the exact same bonuses as in Final Fantasy IV, except providing +7 Defense this time around.

Final Fantasy V

The Black Cowl can be equipped by many classes, and is the best piece of light headgear in the game, only surpassed in the Advance port by the Royal Crown. It grants +12 Defense, +2 Agility, and +2 Magic Defense, and can be bought in either the Great Sea Trench or Phantom Village.

Final Fantasy VI

The Black Cowl, also known as the Dark Hood appears in Final Fantasy VI. It grants +26 Defense, +17 Magic Defense, and +6 Speed, and can be bought only in the World of Ruin in Jidoor and Thamasa. It can also be stolen from Neck Hunters.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

The Black Cowl is an accessory that allows the AP limit to become 9,999.

Final Fantasy IX

The Black Hood is a mid-level headgear, and grants +27 Defense. It is equippable by Zidane, Vivi, Garnet, Quina, and Eiko, and teaches the abilities Accuracy+, Death, and Locomotion. It also halves Fire, Water, and Lightning-elemental damage.

Final Fantasy XII

The Black Cowl is a mid-level headgear that provides 33 Magic Resistance, +5 Magic, and +4 Speed. It costs 4,900 gil to buy, and requires 30 LP to use.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Black Cowl boosts HP by 72.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Black Cowl is a Defense-raising artifact, boosting Defense by 2.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Black Cowl is a hat that raises Bravery by 310.

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