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For the ODST Armor, see ODST Ballistic Battle Armor

The Black Body Suit, as it's referred to, is a vacuum-enabled suit of light body armor used by the United Nations Space Command in operations in vacuum environments.[1]



This Body Suit is a black, form-fitting suit of polymer body armor, able to deflect small-caliber rounds.

The suit is equipped with cooling and heating units that masks the infrared signature of the wearer, as well as creating a comfortable environment. The helmet has encrypted communications gear and a HUD, along with thermal sensors and motion detectors. The whole suit is fully sealed and gas tight, making them wearable in vacuum for up to fifteen minutes when equipped with an oxygen tank.[1]

Unfortunately, the suit's general complexity leads to complications. Over prolonged periods of time the suit will become very uncomfortable to wear, and is difficult to repair in the field, and it's known to always need repairs. The suit also limits the wearer's motion, as remarked by SPARTAN-087.[1]


These suits saw extensive use during the 2520's. They were used by the SPARTAN-IIs in several missions, before they got their MJOLNIR Armor. One of these missions involved infiltrating a Rebel base in the asteroid Eridanus Secundus in the Eridanus System.[1]

Similar suits were used by Staff Sergeants Avery Johnson and Nolan Byrne during humanity's very first combat encounter with the Covenant over planet Harvest.[2]


  • Some people believe that the Black Body Suit is in fact the same as the ODST Battle Armor. This is likely due to the similarities between the two; both suits have an oxygen reserve of fifteen minutes and are black. However, the ODST armor is much bulkier than the black body suit, though it likely houses a similar body suit under the armor plating.


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