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The Black Belt is a recurring accessory in the Final Fantasy series. It usually increases the physical stats of the wearer.




Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Final Fantasy VI

The Black Belt is a Relic. If equipped, it may let the user counterattack when hit by a physical attack. The chances of the wearer countering is 1/4, and the wearer is unable to counter physical attacks if they have the KO, Petrify, M-Tek, Zombie, Sleep, Confusion, Dance, Stop, or Freeze statuses.

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

The Black Belt grants +20 ATK and +20 VIT and prevents both Poison and curse.

Final Fantasy X-2

The Black Belt accessory grants the wearer a +20 boost in both Strength and Defense.

Final Fantasy XI

The Black Belt is the strongest of the Monk-only quested waist items, granting Haste and Strength to the monk.

Final Fantasy XII

The Black Belt appears as an accessory, and provides immunities towards Disable. The earliest access towards the Black Belt is after the events of Gran Kiltias Anastasis, and costs 600 gil.

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