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Real Name
Current Alias

Batman; World's Worst Detective



Bizarro Justice League; the Federation of Bizarro Idiots; the Daffy Duo

Other Bizarros (perfect/imperfect duplicates); Batman (progenitor)


Base Of Operations
Htrae; also Gotham City on Earth


Unusual Features
Bizarro Batman's skin is a multi-faceted crystalline compound that slightly resembles crumbled chalk. Bizarro Batman's hair color is unknown. Although it is possible that his hair is black similar to Bruce Wayne's, Bizarro No. 1 has never seen Batman unmasked, so he could not have used such knowledge when creating Bizarro Batman.


Marital Status

First appearance



History of character is unknown.

Powers and Abilities



  • Bizarro Physiology: Bizarro Batman benefits (and suffers) from all of the same physical characteristics common to all Bizarros. This is not to imply that he is physically on par with his partner Bizarro No. 1, as Bizarro No. 1's power levels are based upon the characteristics of Superman.


  • Kryptonite: All Bizarros are susceptible to the effects of Blue Kryptonite. An artificially created isotope, Blue Kryptonite robs a Bizarro of its superhuman talents. Prolonged exposure to Blue Kryptonite will ultimately prove fatal to a Bizarro.
  • Logic: Bizarro Batman functions from a backwards sense of logic. This behavioral disorder affects not only his brain, but also his pattern of speech. Bizarro Batman will often speak and think the exact opposite of his actual intentions.


  • This version of Bizarro Batman (Earth-One), including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the collapse of the Multiverse in the 1985-86 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series and is now considered apocryphal. * Bizarro Batman is not an inherently evil creature, but by the nature of being a Bizarro, he often commits deed which would be considered unlawful by societal norms.

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