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race: Human, Caucasian
affiliation: None
role: Resident of Big Town
location: Big Town
family: Pappy First boy friend
timebomb past boyfriend
Shorty past boyfriend
Dusty Past Boyfriend
Flash Past boyfriend
Lone Wanderer boyfriend/girlfriend (possibly)
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: Big Trouble in Big Town
Bittercup Runneth Over
base id: 0002796A
ref id: 00027F12

Bittercup is one of the citizens of Big Town in the year 2277.



It is revealed that through the course of her life she has been involved with all of the men in Big Town and possibly, while she was there, Little Lamplight. Her first boyfriend was Pappy, who she left upon arriving at Big Town believing he was a liar. She then went on to date every man in town, including Timebomb, who has no recollection of the relationship.

Interactions with the player character


Quest: Big Trouble in Big Town

When the Player Character first meets Bittercup, she will tell you that Red had been captured by Super Mutants and was taken to Germantown Police HQ along with Shorty. After the quest the PC can flirt with Bittercup and if she likes you she will search the wasteland and give you random bits of loot.

Unmarked quest: Bittercup Runneth Over

Regardless of your character's gender, if you flirt with Bittercup successfully she will give you things she finds in the wasteland. Pay her a visit every now and then and she will have free Aid or Ammo items for you.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Merc Adventurer Outfit Lead Pipe
Sawed-Off Shotgun*
- -

* Only if the Small Guns path is taken in Big Trouble in Big Town.


  • Sometimes she is seen carrying a sawed-off shotgun and often has it drawn as she walks through town. If you choose the Small Guns option when training the town, she will fire at the targets with this gun.
  • Sometimes she can be found in the common house.
  • It is obvious to the player and other NPCs that Bittercup dresses strangely, her garb consisting of white chalk used as make-up and very dark clothes. The player can ask Bittercup about this and it is also mentioned by other Big Town residents.


Bittercup appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

  • Cut content: A note called Letter from Bittercup can be found in the game files, written in "chatspeak", commonly used in text messages and on the Internet. It was, however, not used in the final game.


  • You may keep getting ammo from her even after saying, "I'm not even going to begin to tell you what's wrong with that question" when asked if you are seeing anyone. This is also the same situation with the dialogue asking if Bittercup was hitting on the PC. Reported on Xbox 360 and PC.
  • It may be possible that Bittercup will bring you things no matter what you say to her.
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