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Fletcher Traynor (Earth-616)
Real Name
Fletcher Traynor
Current Alias


Harley Traynor (father, deceased)


Base Of Operations





Unusual Features
Body comprised of green goo


Marital Status

Prisoner; Formerly Student

Toxic Sludge mutation.

Jay Faerber, Karl Kersche, Chris Renaud

First appearance



Fletcher's dad was weapons dealer Harley Traynor, who had invented Heavy Mettle was mysteriously killed in prison. Fletcher, a student of the Massachusetts Academy, received letters from his father recounting what had happened and blamed the New Warriors for his death. Fletcher raided his father's store-house for an appropriate weapon to exact his revenge, but accidentally broke one device which somehow turned him into a toxic sludge monster. Calling himself Biohazard, Fletcher attacked Christmas shoppers at a Brooklyn mall while demanding the presence of the New Warriors. Both the Warriors and Generation X converged on the scene. Generation X secretly operated out of the Massachusetts Academy, which was run by team leader Emma Frost. A misunderstanding turned the two teams against each other until they worked together to defeat Biohazard. Namorita then turned him over to Project Pegasus under an assumed name to protect him from the authorities and the criminals who killed his father.

Biohazard was later taken from prison by Whirlwind, given a power boost, and set loose in Topeka, Kansas in order to draw the attention of the Thunderbolts while Whirlwind and three other villains could blackmail Venom (Mac Gargan). Biohazard was eventually defeated and captured by the Thunderbolts. He was presumably then sent back to Project Pegasus.

Powers and Abilities


A body made of toxic sludge that he can fire from his body in globs. Since his power-up, he also has the ability to quickly reform his body and can, if need be, split into at least two smaller versions of himself.


As Biohazard, Fletcher's intelligence is extremely low, and he often acts on pure instinct.


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Official quest description: Now that Elena has been rescued, it's time to get to the bottom of this plague. Can you help her find out just what this mystery illness is?
Release date: 23 October 2002 (Update)
Start: Talk to Elena in her house in East Ardougne. She lives right across the road from where you started Plague City.
Difficulty: *****
Length: Medium-Long
Members only: Yes
Requirements: Must have completed Plague City.
Items needed: Priest gown top and bottom
Monsters to kill: Level 13 Mourner


Starting Up

The starting point of the Biohazard quest is in north-west East Ardougne

To begin, go to East Ardougne and talk to Elena in the house just east of the one her parents live in (where the Plague City quest begins). She will tell you about how she was able to collect some good samples of the plague, but unfortunately the Mourners took all of her equipment. You will need to sneak back in to try to find it. She suggests that you go talk to Jerico, since the tunnel you used to get in before has been sealed in.

Getting in

Jerico lives in a house just south of the northern bank in Ardougne. He tells you he has arranged for Omart to help you with a rope ladder. Search the cupboard nearby to find some bird feed and grab a pigeon cage from the back yard.

Now head to the gate in West Ardougne. Stand in the corner where the two spiked fences meet and use your bird feed on the watchtower fence to throw it up all over the tower, then release the pigeons. They'll immediately fly into the tower to eat. This is just the distraction you need. Go south to Omart and talk to him. He'll help you get over the wall.

Infiltrating Mourner HQ

Head to Martha Rehnison's house from Plague City. It is to the north of the dungeon located in the middle of West Ardougne. There is a Rotten apple around the east side of the house that you should pick up. Look at the fence to the east and you'll see a place where part of the fence can be squeezed through. Once on the other side and in the back yard of the Mourner HQ, use the rotten apple on the cauldron (use the right-click menu for this, if you eat the apple you will not get hurt but you will need another one), and then navigate through the fence again.
Martha Rehnison's House

Walk around to the front of the building, and try to get inside. You will be informed that several mourners are ill with food poisoning, and they are waiting for a doctor. Head to Nurse Sarah, who is in the large building south-west of the altar. Search the box in her house to obtain a doctor's gown. Put it on and go back to Mourner HQ again. Now that you're dressed up as a medical professional, they'll let you inside.

Go upstairs and kill a Mourner (level 13) while still wearing the doctor's gown. You'll get a key that will automatically be placed in your inventory. Use it on the gate to get inside, then search the crates to find Elena's distillator. Exit Mourner HQ and head back to the south-east corner of West Ardougne, where you originally crossed over. Kilron will help you get back over into East Ardougne. Alternatively, you can also head through the sewers, as they are no longer blocked. Go back to Elena and give her the distillator.

Delivering the Samples

(Be extra careful in this section. Read each paragraph carefully, or you'll end up doing more walking than you have to.)

Elena will extract a sample of the plague, but the results of her test are strange. She wants you to take a plague sample to her mentor Guidor in Varrock to see what he makes of it. You will first need to stop by the chemist in the western-most building in Rimmington to get some more touch paper, however. She'll also give you some liquid honey, sulphuric broline, and ethenea, mentioning that the liquid honey is worthless, sulphuric broline is deadly poisonous, and ethenea is colourless.

From here on, be very careful. These items are extremely fragile. If they break, you will need to have them replaced by returning to Elena. Teleporting, even through cabbage-port and/or going through your Rimmington House Portal will break the plague sample, and engaging in combat will also break the vials. You can put them in the bank for protection, but they must be in your inventory before talking to the chemist or Guidor. If you want doubles of the samples, then drop everything and talk to Elena again. Get more, and pick up everything that you dropped. This is if you want to have more chances without going back to Elena or so that you can keep a souvenir from the quest.

Your first stop is Rimmington. Put the vials and the plague sample in your bank first, and teleport to Falador and pick them up from the bank there, or use the cabbage teleport with the Explorer's Ring 3 for the bank in Draynor. You could also use a amulet of glory for a fast teleportation, but make sure you bank the vials. (bank the plague sample however, because even cabbage teleportation causes it to disintegrate). Once you get there, go to the chemist's house at the west side of town.

Talk to him with the items in your inventory, including the plague sample but do not mention the plague or he'll take them away, which will force you to go back to Elena. Just say you're a friend of Elena and you need some touch paper for Guidor.

You won't be able to get to Guidor in Varrock with the samples you're carrying, as the guards will confiscate them. You will have to smuggle them into the city. The chemist will suggest giving a vial to each of his three helpers, Chancy, Da Vinci, and Hops. They are right outside the house crowding around a fire. Give Chancy the liquid Honey, Da Vinci the ethanea, and the broline to Hops.

NOTE: If by some chance you give them the wrong vials (as has been done by a fair number of players), you can correct the mistake without returning to Elena. You must first go to the Dancing Donkey Inn in Varrock without any extra vials in your inventory and speak to each of the assistants there. Then with the extra vials, you must go back to the chemist's house in Rimmington and correct whatever mistake was made. You can also just go back to Elena to get them replaced.

After giving the assistants the proper vials, go to Varrock. If you wish to teleport there, you must put the plague sample in the bank because it will break if you teleport anywhere!

Gated Area
 both parts of the priest gown from the bank if you have them, or buy the robes from Thessalia's Fine Clothes in Varrock for 10 coins if you don't have them. After you have done that, go to the bank in Varrock and get the plague sample, also make sure the touch paper is in your inventory. Next, go to the south-east part of Varrock. You will see a guard in front of a gate. Try to use the gate, the guard will search you, but won't find the sample. Click on the gate again, and he will say you can pass. Now, head to the Dancing Donkey Inn (a beer icon on the map) and talk to the chemist's assistants to get the vials back. DO NOT LEAVE THE GATED AREA! NOTE: If you forget the test paper and are behind the gate and are able to use the telekentic grab spell go through the gate get 3 law and air runes, then get the test paper drop the 3 liquids behind the fence go through the gate with the test paper and plague sample then telekenetic grab the vials. Once you retrieved the vials, go put on the priest gown and head to Guidor's house in the south-east corner of the gated area. Guidor's wife will let you through as long as you are wearing the robes. Give Guidor the vials and sample, and he will analyse them thorughly, and come to a surprising conclusion. You will need to go back and talk to Elena who will tell you to go and talk to King Lathas. He is located on the second floor of the castle, just south of Elena's house. After talking to him the quest is completed.


Biohazard Reward


Music tracks unlocked:

Honkytonky Medieval

See also


  • Rather than being dropped, the key that you get from killing a Mourner (level 13) automatically appears in your inventory. You can use recoil rings and do not need to do any damage.
  • While retrieving the vials from the men in the bar, the player will say "it's always sunny in RuneScape", which is a reference to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, an American sitcom which also takes place in a bar.
  • Jerico, who helps you scale the walls of West Ardougne, a reference to the biblical story about the city Jericho whose walls were destroyed in the Battle of Jericho.
  • Da Vinci, one of the assistants, could be a reference to the famous multitalented Italian, Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • Even though it says that the tunnel has been closed, you can still leave via the tunnel, but you can't enter.
  • Guidor's wife, even when one is playing as a female, will still refer to one as "Father".

This article uses material from the "Biohazard" article on the Runescape wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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