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From Grand Theft Wiki

Binoculars are an item appearing only in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Their only use is to zoom in and view far away places. They are superior to the Sniper Rifle for simple viewing, as their view is uncluttered by cross hairs. This item is first used during the mission "Leap and Bound". If the player presses the attack button while equipped with the binoculars, Victor Vance start punching the air and if that is done in front of a pedestrian, his hands will just go through the pedestrian's body and not actually do any damage. Binoculars can only be found on top of the ship in Viceport.

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From Halopedia, the Halo Wiki

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A UNSC Marine using binoculars.

Binoculars are a magnifying device universally used by the United Nations Space Command. They're often equipped with a stand to keep the device steady.[1]



Binoculars are generally used to observe the battlefield, gather data and locate enemies. Marine sniper teams have spotters with binoculars to observe and locate targets for the sniper.[1] The UNSC binoculars have a digital display, which shows the temperature, as well as the distance to the target.[2]


MJOLNIR Mk VI is the first armor to have Binocular system in-game, though it has been stated in the novels that the earlier versions had one as well.[3] The armor's binoculars are a 3-4x scope set, linked to the helmet's visor. The MJOLNIR armor's binocular system featured in Halo 3 has the same radius as the one in Halo 2. The only difference is that it's more detailed and that it shows distance to the target.[1][4]


  • The Binocular prop appears frequently in Halo 2.
  • The Covenant ground forces use magnifying monoculars to observe the battlefield, filling a similar role as the binoculars.[5]
  • The Sangheili Combat Harness also has a binocular system. Otherwise similar to the MJOLNIR's binoculars, it has a slightly different visor shape.



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From Lostpedia

Island stashes have been seen several times throughout Lost. Island stashes are locations on the island which house hidden objects which are meant to only be found by certain people. Island stashes are mainly employed by The Others, but several survivors have used stashes too.


Sawyer's stash

Sawyer's stash in season two
Main article: Sawyer's stash

Soon after Sawyer came to the island, he began hoarding items in his stash, a small pit dug out of the sand under Sawyer's tent, which was covered by a piece of the fuselage from the plane. In this stash, he kept many items, such as books, food, pornography, and medicine. During season one and two, Sawyer kept the guns he had found in his stash, and later, the Virgin Mary statues. Jack then forced him to reveal the stash (which Kate saw) in order to help ease Libby's pain. ("Two for the Road") Soon after Sawyer, Jack, and Kate were taken by the others, Charlie and Hurley raided Sawyer's stash (Charlie had found the stash earlier with the help of Vincent), taking what was needed by the rest of the survivors. ("Flashes Before Your Eyes") Soon after Sawyer returned, he grew angry over his things being taken, and played Hurley for them in a game of Ping Pong, which he lost. ("Enter 77") Sawyer has not employed his stash since.

Hurley's food stash

Hurley and his stash
Main article: Hurley's stash

Though he had claimed to use all of The Swan's food in a large feast, Hurley had instead taken some of the food into the jungle and hidden it in a makeshift shelf. Hurley would occasionally steal off to his stash and eat the food contained there, which included, most notably, ranch dressing and peanut butter. After several weeks of hiding the stash, it was found by Sawyer, who used it to blackmail Hurley into helping him find a tree frog. ("One of Them") Hurley later showed his stash to Libby, and with her help, finally overcame his need for it, and destroyed it. ("Dave")

The tree mark

The tree mark
Main article: Tree mark

The tree mark was the location of hidden medical supplies. When Claire fell ill due to the implant, Juliet visited the tree mark, referred to by Ben as "Ethan's old drop-off point," near the caves. Though Juliet told Jack that the medicine at that location had been there since Ethan's time among the survivors, she was lying. A suspicious Sayid and Sawyer followed her, but she talked her way out of their interrogation and returned to the beach camp to give the medicine to Claire. ("One of Us")

Ben's hidden case

Ben retrieves the case

During the trip to The Orchid, Ben recovered a hidden case behind some rocks. When Locke opened it, it was shown to contain a box of DHARMA Initiative soda crackers, a communication mirror, and binoculars.

Upon opening it, he tossed the crackers to a hungry Hurley. Ben asked for the mirror, which Locke gave him. Locke keeps the binoculars for himself, while Ben comunicates with someone on the mountain using the reflection of light off the mirror, but refuses to reveal to Locke what he said, or who he was communicating with. Ben then reveals to Hurley that the crackers he is eating are fifteen years old. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")

Unanswered Questions

  • Who put the box there?
  • Who used the box before Ben?
  • What is the importance of the items in the box?
  • What did Ben communicate with the mirror and to who?

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