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Screenshot of Billy Bob Bean, from GTA 2.

Billy Bob Bean is the leader of the Rednecks in the game Grand Theft Auto 2. Bean is Claude's first contact in the Residential Sector. He is a traditionalist and as you might expect, hates everything that is different from him. His head has a striking resemblance to Elvis Presley. He has a daughter named Mary-Joe Bean. She's mentioned in the mission "Benson Burner". The Rednecks are currently at war with The Scientists and The Zaibatsu Corporation. Bean is far more intelligent than he looks, as he uses Claude to pose as a member of the Zaibatsu and orders him to attack the Scientists, which results in a gang war between the two. Eventually, Bean agrees to a peace meeting with the Zaibatsu which is sabotaged by Claude under the orders of Dr.LaBrat, leader of the Scientists. Claude then kidnaps an influential Redneck member and brings him to the Scientists. In response to the kidnapping, The Rednecks unsuccessfully try to destroy the Scientists' generators. Meanwhile, The Zaibatsu Corporation are angry over the peace meeting and launch a full scale war on the Rednecks. The Rednecks were weakend along with the Zaibatsu and Scientists, due to Claude Speed working for all gangs, leading Billy, Dr. LaBrat of The Scientists, and Red Valdez of the Zaibatsu to attack Claude, however, Billy Bob ends up getting slaughtered - along with the other 2 leaders.

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