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Biggs and Wedge
Biggs and Wedge's menu sprite
Sprite(s) Biggs and Wedge's in-game sprite, riding the Magitek Armor
Japanese name Biggs and Wedge
Kana ビックス & ウェッジ
Romaji Bikkusu & Wejji
Job Soldier
Skill Magitek
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Final Fantasy VI Character
"Hard to believe an Esper's been found intact there, 1000 years after the War of the Magi..."

Biggs and Wedge, also known as Vicks and Wedge in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System translation, are temporary playable characters in Final Fantasy VI. They are soldiers of the Gestahlian Empire, and accompany Terra Branford on her mission to Narshe at the beginning of the game. Upon reaching the frozen Esper, however, they disappeared and were never seen again.

Ted Woolsey, the translator for the game, translated them as Vicks and Wedge. Vicks was changed back to Biggs in subsequent re-releases. Their names are derived from two Star Wars characters, Wedge Antilles and Biggs Darklighter.


Equipment and Stats

Biggs and Wedge are temporary characters, and their stats are never seen because they spend their entire time seen in Magitek Armor. They come equipped with a Mythril Blade and Buckler, as well as Leather Hats and armor, but they can never be removed as they are temporary.



Biggs and Wedge use Magitek as their special ability.


  • Two soldiers called Vicks/Biggs and Wedge appear in Chrono Trigger, as employees in Norstein Bekkler's Tent of Horrors. A V-Jump issue in Japan humorously state that after Valigarmanda made them disappear in Final Fantasy VI, they ended up in the Chrono Trigger dimension and were found by Norstein, who gave them their new jobs.[1]
  • Both Biggs and Wedge make a small cameo in Dissidia Final Fantasy as a tutor from the in-game manuals. Biggs even jokes about his name being mistranslated as Vicks, but assures the player that it is Biggs.
  • Biggs seems to be a higher ranking officer the Wedge. By looking at his stats, it shows that all but a few of his stats are superior to Wedge's. He also appears to be a better Magitek Armor pilot, destroying a barrier set up to stop them, and more knowledgeable about monsters, as he shares information about Ymir at the beginning of the fight. This is reflected in other games such as Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Biggs has also been something of a superior to Wedge in other games, ranking higher than him as a soldier.
  • Early screenshots of the Japanese version of the game call Biggs and Wedge, レス (Resu) and バフラ (Bafura), respectively.


  1. V-Jump issue (in Japanese)

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