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Final Fantasy II Boss
Big Horn
Japanese ビッグホーン
Romaji Bigguhōn
NES Name Big Horn
NES DSOP Name Big Horn
PS Name Gigan Rhino
GBA Name Big Horn
PSP Name Big Horn

The Big Horn, also known as the Gigan Rhino, is a boss in Final Fantasy II that guards the mystical Black Mask on the Tropical Island. Firion and his party must defeat the Big Horn and obtain the Black Mask in order to gain access to the Ultima spell in the Mysidian Tower. The Big Horn appears in packs of two to four. It later becomes a common random encounter.


Like the Chimera battle, the difficulty of the Big Horn depends upon the number of Big Horns that appear. However, the Big Horns are significantly less dangerous creatures, with a higher-than-average Attack stat as their only notable feature. Cast a Protect spell on your party and dispatch one Big Horn at a time.

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