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This list details of the main series of Doctor Who audio dramas from Big Finish. The list excludes such spin-offs which do not feature the Doctor, such as Dalek Empire, and a series of plays featuring Bernice Summerfield, which also take place in the Doctor Who Universe. For information on these see separate articles.


Monthly Releases

# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
1 The Sirens of Time Nicholas Briggs 5th, 6th, 7th none July 1999
2 Phantasmagoria Mark Gatiss 5th Turlough October 1999
3 Whispers of Terror Justin Richards 6th Peri November 1999
4 The Land of the Dead Stephen Cole 5th Nyssa January 2000
5 The Fearmonger Jonathan Blum 7th Ace February 2000
6 The Marian Conspiracy Jacqueline Rayner 6th Evelyn March 2000
7 The Genocide Machine

(Dalek Empire - Part One)

Mike Tucker 7th Ace, The Daleks April 2000
8 Red Dawn Justin Richards 5th Peri, The Ice Warriors May 2000
9 The Spectre of Lanyon Moor Nicholas Pegg 6th Evelyn, The Brigadier June 2000
10 Winter for the Adept Andrew Cartmel 5th Nyssa July 2000
11 The Apocalypse Element

(Dalek Empire - Part Two)

Stephen Cole 6th Evelyn, Romana II, The Daleks August 2000
12 The Fires of Vulcan Steve Lyons 7th Mel September 2000
13 The Shadow of the Scourge (Side Step) Paul Cornell 7th Ace, Bernice Summerfield October 2000
14 The Holy Terror (Side Step) Robert Shearman 6th Frobisher November 2000
15 The Mutant Phase

(Dalek Empire - Part Three)

Nicholas Briggs 5th Nyssa, The Daleks December 2000
16 Storm Warning Alan Barnes 8th Charley January 2001
17 Sword of Orion Nicholas Briggs 8th Charley, The Cybermen February 2001
18 The Stones of Venice Paul Magrs 8th Charley March 2001
19 Minuet in Hell Alan W. Lear

Gary Russell

8th Charley, The Brigadier April 2001
20 Loups-Garoux Marc Platt 5th Turlough May 2001
21 Dust Breeding Mike Tucker 7th Ace, The Master June 2001
22 Bloodtide Jonathan Morris 6th Evelyn, The Silurians July 2001
23 Project: Twilight Cavan Scott

Mark Wright

6th Evelyn, Nimrod August 2001
24 The Eye of the Scorpion Iain McLaughlin 5th Peri, Erimem September 2001
25 Colditz Steve Lyons 7th Ace October 2001
26 Primeval Lance Parkin 5th Nyssa November 2001
27 The One Doctor Gareth Roberts

Clayton Hickman

6th Mel December 2001
28 Invaders from Mars Mark Gatiss 8th Charley January 2002
29 The Chimes of Midnight Robert Shearman 8th Charley February 2002
30 Seasons of Fear Paul Cornell

Caroline Symcox

8th Charley, Nimon March 2002
31 Embrace the Darkness Nicholas Briggs 8th Charley April 2002
32 The Time of the Daleks

(Dalek Empire - Part Four)

Justin Richards 8th Charley, The Daleks May 2002
33 Neverland Alan Barnes 8th Charley, Romana, Rassilon June 2002
34 Spare Parts Marc Platt 5th Nyssa, The Cybermen July 2002
35 ...ish Phil Pascoe 6th Peri August 2002
36 The Rapture Joseph Lidster 7th Ace September 2002
37 The Sandman Simon A. Forward 6th Evelyn October 2002
38 The Church and the Crown Cavan Scott

Mark Wright

5th Peri, Erimem November 2002
39 Bang-Bang-A-Boom! Gareth Roberts

Clayton Hickman

7th Mel December 2002
40 Jubilee Robert Shearman 6th Evelyn, The Daleks January 2003
41 Nekromanteia Austen Atkinson 5th Peri, Erimem February 2003
42 The Dark Flame (Side Step) Trevor Baxendale 7th Ace, Bernice Summerfield March 2003
43 Doctor Who and the Pirates Jacqueline Rayner 6th Evelyn April 2003
44 Creatures of Beauty Nicholas Briggs 5th Nyssa May 2003
45 Project: Lazarus Cavan Scott

Mark Wright

6th, 7th Evelyn, Nimrod June 2003
46 Flip-Flop Jonathan Morris 7th Mel July 2003
47 Omega Nev Fountain 5th Omega August 2003
48 Davros Lance Parkin 6th Davros September 2003
49 Master Joseph Lidster 7th The Master October 2003
50 Zagreus Gary Russell

Alan Barnes

5th, 6th,
7th, 8th
Charley, The Brigadier, Romana, Leela, K-9, Rassilon November 2003
51 The Wormery Stephen Cole

Paul Magrs

6th Iris Wildthyme November 2003
52 Scherzo Robert Shearman 8th Charley December 2003
53 The Creed of the Kromon Philip Martin 8th Charley, C'rizz January 2004
54 The Natural History of Fear Jim Mortimore 8th Charley, C'rizz February 2004
55 The Twilight Kingdom Will Shindler 8th Charley, C'rizz March 2004
56 The Axis of Insanity Simon Furman 5th Peri, Erimem April 2004
57 Arrangements for War Paul Sutton 6th Evelyn May 2004
58 The Harvest Dan Abnett 7th Ace, Hex, The Cybermen June 2004
59 The Roof of the World Adrian Rigelsford 5th Peri, Erimem July 2004
60 Medicinal Purposes Robert Ross 6th Evelyn August 2004
61 Faith Stealer Graham Duff 8th Charley, C'rizz September 2004
62 The Last Gary Hopkins 8th Charley, C'rizz October 2004
63 Caerdroia Lloyd Rose 8th Charley, C'rizz November 2004
64 The Next Life Alan Barnes

Gary Russell

8th Charley, C'rizz, Rassilon December 2004
65 The Juggernauts Scott Alan Woodard 6th Mel, Davros, The Daleks, The Mechanoids January 2005
66 The Game Darin Henry 5th Nyssa February 2005
67 Dreamtime Simon A. Forward 7th Ace, Hex March 2005
68 Catch-1782 Alison Lawson 6th Mel April 2005
69 Three's a Crowd Colin Brake 5th Peri, Erimem May 2005
70 Unregenerate! David A. McIntee 7th Mel June 2005
71 The Council of Nicaea Caroline Symcox 5th Peri, Erimem July 2005
72 Terror Firma Joseph Lidster 8th Charley, C'rizz, Davros, The Daleks August 2005
73 Thicker Than Water Paul Sutton 6th Mel, Evelyn September 2005
74 Live 34 James Parsons

Andrew Stirling-Brown

7th Ace, Hex September 2005
75 Scaredy Cat Will Shindler 8th Charley, C'rizz October 2005
76 Singularity James Swallow 5th Turlough November 2005
77 Other Lives Gary Hopkins 8th Charley, C'rizz December 2005
78 Pier Pressure Robert Ross 6th Evelyn January 2006
79 Night Thoughts Edward Young 7th Ace, Hex February 2006
80 Time Works Steve Lyons 8th Charley, C'rizz March 2006
81 The Kingmaker Nev Fountain 5th Peri, Erimem April 2006
82 The Settling Simon Guerrier 7th Ace, Hex May 2006
83 Something Inside Trevor Baxendale 8th Charley, C'rizz June 2006
84 The Nowhere Place Nicholas Briggs 6th Evelyn July 2006
85 Red Stewart Sheargold 7th Mel August 2006
86 The Reaping Joseph Lidster 6th Peri, The Cybermen Early September 2006
87 The Gathering Joseph Lidster 5th Tegan, The Cybermen Late September 2006
88 Memory Lane Eddie Robson 8th Charley, C'rizz October 2006
89 No Man's Land Martin Day 7th Ace, Hex November 2006
90 Year of the Pig Matthew Sweet 6th Peri December 2006
91 Circular Time Paul Cornell

Mike Maddox

5th Nyssa January 2007
92 Nocturne Dan Abnett 7th Ace, Hex February 2007
93 Renaissance of the Daleks Christopher H. Bidmead 5th Nyssa, The Daleks March 2007
94 I.D.; Urgent Calls Eddie Robson 6th none April 2007
95 Exotron; Urban Myths Paul Sutton 5th Peri May 2007
96 Valhalla Marc Platt 7th none June 2007
97 The Wishing Beast; The Vanity Box Paul Magrs 6th Mel July 2007
98 Frozen Time Nicholas Briggs 7th The Ice Warriors August 2007
99 Son of the Dragon Steve Lyons 5th Peri, Erimem Early September 2007
100 100

100 BC
My Own Private Wolfgang
Bedtime Story
The 100 Days of the Doctor

Jacqueline Rayner
Rob Shearman
Joseph Lidster
Paul Cornell
6th Evelyn Late September 2007
101 Absolution Scott Alan Woodard 8th Charley, C'rizz October 2007
102 The Mind's Eye; Mission of the Viyrans Colin Brake & Nicholas Briggs 5th Peri, Erimem November 2007
103 The Girl Who Never Was Alan Barnes 8th Charley, The Cybermen December 2007
104 The Bride of Peladon Barnaby Edwards 5th Peri, Erimem, The Ice Warriors January 2008
105 The Condemned Eddie Robson 6th Charley February 2008
106 The Dark Husband David Quantick 7th Ace, Hex March 2008
107 The Haunting of Thomas Brewster Jonathan Morris 5th Nyssa April 2008
108 Assassin in the Limelight Robert Ross 6th Evelyn May 2008
109 The Death Collectors; Spider's Shadow Stewart Sheargold 7th none June 2008
110 The Boy that Time Forgot Paul Magrs 5th Nyssa July 2008
111 The Doomwood Curse Jacqueline Rayner 6th Charley August 2008
112 Kingdom of Silver; Keepsake James Swallow 7th The Cybermen Early September 2008
113 Time Reef; A Perfect World Marc Platt; Jonathan Morris 5th Nyssa Late September 2008
114 Brotherhood of the Daleks Alan Barnes 6th Charley, The Daleks October 2008
115 Forty-Five

False Gods
Order of Simplicity
Casualties of War
The Word Lord

Mark Morris
Nick Scovell
Mark Michalowski
Steven Hall
7th Ace, Hex November 2008
116 The Raincloud Man Eddie Robson 6th Charley December 2008
117 The Key 2 Time - The Judgement of Isskar Simon Guerrier 5th Amy, The Ice Warriors January 2009
118 The Key 2 Time - The Destroyer of Delights Jonathan Clements 5th Amy, Black Guardian February 2009
119 The Key 2 Time - The Chaos Pool Peter Anghelides 5th Amy, Romana II, Black Guardian March 2009
120 The Magic Mousetrap Matthew Sweet 7th Ace, Hex April 2009
121 Enemy of the Daleks David Bishop 7th Ace, Hex, The Daleks May 2009
122 The Angel of Scutari Paul Sutton 7th Ace, Hex June 2009
123 The Company of Friends

Benny's Story
Fitz's Story
Izzy's Story
Mary's Story

Lance Parkin
Stephen Cole
Alan Barnes
Jonathan Morris
Bernice Summerfield
July 2009
124 Patient Zero Nicholas Briggs 6th Charley, The Daleks August 2009
125 Paper Cuts Marc Platt 6th Mila-Charley, The Draconians September 2009
126 Blue Forgotten Planet Nicholas Briggs 6th Mila-Charley, Charley September 2009
127 Castle of Fear Alan Barnes 5th Nyssa October 2009
128 The Eternal Summer Jonathan Morris 5th Nyssa, Maxwell Edison November 2009
129 Plague of the Daleks Mark Morris 5th Nyssa December 2009
130 A Thousand Tiny Wings Andy Lane 7th Elizabeth Klein January 2010
131 Survival of the Fittest/Klein's Story Jonathan Clements 7th Elizabeth Klein February 2010
132 The Architects of History Steve Lyons 7th Elizabeth Klein March 2010
133 City of Spires TBA 6th Jamie McCrimmon April 2010
134 Wreck Of The Titan TBA 6th Jamie McCrimmon May 2010
135 Legend of the Cybermen TBA 6th Jamie McCrimmon, Zoe Heriot   June 2010
136 TBA TBA 5th Nyssa, Tegan Turlough July 2010
137 TBA TBA 5th Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough August 2010
138 TBA TBA 5th Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough September 2010
139 TBA TBA 7th Ace, Hex September 2010
140 TBA TBA 7th Ace, Hex October 2010
141 TBA TBA 7th Ace, Hex November 2010

Special Releases

Big Finish have released several 'special' releases such as promotional adventures with Doctor Who Magazine (usually with none or only one guest casting).

They have also recently begun to release 'Subscriber Only' adventures that subscribers (6 or 12 month) get for free, these adventures are released to the public (generally) the following year.

Big Finish have also produced speciality productions such as the Doctor Who Unbound, Excelis Saga focusing on a particular theme or idea.

Big Finish have additionally released the audio component of the webcasts produced for the BBC, as well as audio adaptations of Doctor Who Stage Plays.


Exclusive Big Finish Audio

Big Finish have also released an exclusive audio story available with the Davros Boxset.

# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
1 The Davros Mission Nicholas Briggs NA Davros, The Daleks November 2007

Free with Doctor Who Magazine

# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
1 Last of the Titans Nicholas Briggs 7th Vilgreth January 2001
2 The Ratings War Steve Lyons 6th Beep the Meep January 2002
3 No Place Like Home Iain McLaughlin 5th Erimem January 2003
4 Living Legend Scott Gray 8th Charley Pollard November 2003
5 The Veiled Leopard Iain McLaughlin & Claire Bartlett NA Peri Brown, Erimem, Ace, Hex March 2006
6 Cuddlesome Nigel Fairs 5th Angela Wisher March 2008
7 The Mists of Time Jonathan Morris 3rd Jo Grant July 2009 (Free download)

Free with Doctor Who Adventures

# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
1 The Mutant Phase Nicholas Briggs 5th Nyssa July 2009


# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
1 The Maltese Penguin Robert Shearman 6th Frobisher November, 2002
2 Her Final Flight Julian Shortman 6th Peri December 2004
3 Cryptobiosis Elliot Thorpe 6th Peri December 2005
4 Return of the Daleks Nicholas Briggs 7th NA December 2006
5 Return to the Web Planet Daniel O'Mahony 5th Nyssa December 2007
6 Return of the Krotons Nicholas Briggs 6th Charley December 2008
7 An Earthly Child Marc Platt 8th Susan Foreman December 2009

Webcast Audio Releases

# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
1 Real Time Gary Russell 6th Evelyn Smythe December 2002
2 Shada Douglas Adams (Story) & Gary Russell (Prologue and minor changes) 8th Romana II, K-9 Mark II December 2003

Stage Play Audio Releases

# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
1 The Ultimate Adventure Terrance Dicks 6th Daleks, Cybermen September 2008
2 The Seven Keys to Doomsday Terrance Dicks Alternate Fourth Doctor Daleks October 2008
3 The Curse of the Daleks Terry Nation (Story), Nicholas Briggs (Minor Changes) NA Daleks November 2008

Excelis Saga

# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
1 Excelis Dawns Paul Magrs 5th NA February 2002
2 Excelis Rising David A. McIntee 6th NA April 2002
3 Excelis Decays Craig Hinton 7th NA July 2002
4 The Plague Herds of Excelis Stephen Cole NA Bernice Summerfield July 2002

Doctor Who Unbound

# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
1 Auld Mortality Marc Platt The Doctor (Unbound 1) Susan (Unbound) May, 2003
2 Sympathy for the Devil Jonathan Clements The Doctor (Unbound 2) Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart (Unbound), The Master (Unbound) June, 2003
3 Full Fathom Five David Bishop The Doctor (Unbound 3) NA July, 2003
4 He Jests at Scars... Gary Russell The Valeyard Melanie Bush September, 2003
5 Deadline Robert Shearman NA NA October, 2003
6 Exile Nicholas Briggs The Doctor (Unbound 6) NA October, 2003
7 A Storm of Angels Marc Platt The Doctor (Unbound 1) Susan (Unbound) January, 2005
8 Masters of War Eddie Robson The Doctor (Unbound 2) Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart (Unbound), Davros (Unbound), The Daleks (Unbound) December 2008

The New Eighth Doctor Adventures

Season 1

# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
1 Blood of the Daleks Steve Lyons 8th Lucie Miller, Daleks January 2007
2 Horror of Glam Rock Paul Magrs 8th Lucie Miller March 2007
3 Immortal Beloved Jonathan Clements 8th Lucie Miller April 2007
4 Phobos Eddie Robson 8th Lucie Miller May 2007
5 No More Lies Paul Sutton 8th Lucie Miller June 2007
6 Human Resources Eddie Robson 8th Lucie Miller, Cybermen July 2007
The first season aired on BBC7 as BBC Radio Dramas before their release on CD.

Season 2

# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
7 Dead London Pat Mills 8th Lucie Miller January 2008
8 Max Warp Jonathan Morris 8th Lucie Miller February 2008
9 Brave New Town Jonathan Clements 8th Lucie Miller March 2008
10 The Skull of Sobek Marc Platt 8th Lucie Miller April 2008
11 Grand Theft Cosmos Eddie Robson 8th Lucie Miller May 2008
12 The Zygon Who Fell to Earth Paul Magrs 8th Lucie Miller June 2008
13 Sisters of the Flame Nicholas Briggs 8th Lucie Miller July 2008
14 The Vengeance of Morbius Nicholas Briggs 8th Lucie Miller August 2008

Season 3

# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
15 Orbis Alan Barnes and Nicholas Briggs 8th Lucie Miller March 2009
16 Hothouse Jonathan Morris 8th Lucie Miller, The Krynoids April 2009
17 The Beast of Orlok Barnaby Edwards 8th Lucie Miller May 2009
18 Wirrn Dawn Nicholas Briggs 8th Lucie Miller June 2009
19 The Scapegoat Pat Mills 8th Lucie Miller July 2009
20 The Cannibalists Jonathan Morris 8th Lucie Miller August 2009
21 The Eight Truths Eddie Robson 8th Lucie Miller, Eight Legs September 2009
22 Worldwide Web Eddie Robson 8th Lucie Miller, Eight Legs October 2009

Season 4

# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
23 Death in Blackpool Alan Barnes 8th Lucie Miller December 2009
24 Situation Vacant


Eddie Robson  8th TBA  April 2010
25 Nevermore


Alan Barnes  8th TBA May 2010
26 The Book of Kells


Barnaby Edwards  8th TBA June 2010
27 Deimos: Part One Jonathan Morris 8th Ice Warriors


July 2010
28 Deimos: Part Two Jonathan Morris  8th Ice Warriors


August 2010
29 TBA TBA 8th TBA September 2010
30 TBA TBA 8th TBA October 2010
31 TBA TBA 8th TBA November 2010
32 TBA TBA 8th TBA December 2010

The Companion Chronicles

Main article: The Companion Chronicles.

Adventures read by one of the Doctor's companions.

The Lost Stories

A series of unmade stories including Season 23 and The Destroyers adapted into full cast audio dramas and First and Second Doctor stories adapted as audiobooks.

# Title Author Doctor Featuring Season which was meant to be broadcast Released
1 The Nightmare Fair Graham Williams 6th Peri, Celestial Toymaker 23 November 2009
2 Mission to Magnus Philip Martin 6th Peri, Sil, Ice Warriors 23 December 2009
3 Leviathan Brian Finch 6th Peri 22 January 2010
4 The Hollows of Time Christopher H Bidmead 6th Peri, Tractators 22 February 2010
5 Paradise 5 PJ Hammond and Andy Lane 6th Peri 23 March 2010
6 Point of Entry Barbara Clegg and Marc Platt 6th Peri 22  April 2010
7 The Macros Ingrid Pitt and Tony Rudlin 6th Peri 22  May 2010
8 The Song of Megaptera


Pat Mills 6th Peri, Megaptera 22 June 2010
9 The Hartnell Years

Farewell Great Macedon
Fragile Yellow Arc of Fragrance

Moris Farhi (Adapted by Nigel Robinson) 1st Susan Foreman, Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright 1 November 2010
10 The Troughton Years

Prison in Space
The Destroyers

Dick Sharples (adapted by Simon Guerrier) & Terry Nation (adapted by Nicholas Briggs) 2nd Jamie McCrimmon, Zoe Heriot 6 December 2010

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