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Big Book of Science
effects: Skill improved: Science
weight: 1
value: 425
Big Book of Science
effects: Skill improved: Science
weight: 2
value: 50
base id: 0003403C

The Big Book of Science is a collection of writings on general science, written before the Great War. There are presumably nearly 1000 pages in the Big Book of Science, as in Vault 101 when taking the G.O.A.T , on the black board you can see "turn to page 976 in Big Book of Science". Students also "need to study page 997" according to the same blackboard.




Fallout, Fallout 2

A set of books containing information about different scientific fields. Time will pass while reading. If used in inventory screen, rather than used in weapon slots, time will not pass until the inventory screen is exited.

Note that in Fallout 2, Chemistry Journals look identical to Big Books of Science, and are (almost) completely useless.

Fallout 3

Reading improves the player's Science skill by 1 (by 2 with the Comprehension perk). Per the name, this book is the largest book in the game, several times larger than any other skill book and matching The Wasteland Survival Guide in dimensions while being thicker overall.



Closest map marker Location description
Cathedral Tower, level 3, on bookshelf
Cathedral Lair, level 1, on the floor
Glow Level 1, in locker
Glow Level 4, in locker
Hub Merchant: Mitch in Downtown
Hub Merchant: Mrs. Stapleton in Downtown

Fallout 2

Closest map marker Location description
Gecko Powerplant On the shelves in the Supply Cabinet.
Vault 8 In a locker in the south-eastern quarters.
Gecko On the shelves in the Manager's Office.
Stables On the shelves in Myron's workroom.
Sierra Army Depot Two in the desk in the CO's quarters, level three.
Sierra Army Depot In the hands of a skeleton, level four.
Navarro On the shelves in the Commander's office.
Navarro In the workbench next to Quincy.
Oil Rig On the scientist in the mainframe room, Reactor Level.
New California Republic (town) On the bookshelf in the outpost, NCR Bazaar.
Vault City Merchant: Randall
San Francisco Merchant: Lao Chou, Flying Dragon 8
San Francisco Merchant: Female merchant on Oil tanker

Fallout 3

Closest map marker Location description
Arlington Cemetery North In Arlington House, on the kitchen table.
Arlington Library In the Arlington Library, upstairs from the lobby to the right, on a desk in an office with two sofas.
Bethesda Ruins In Bethesda Offices West, on the main desk on the ground floor, right next to the terminal. Careful, there's a turret in here.
Broadcast Tower KB5 On highway bridge between Broadcast Tower KB5 and SatCom Array NW-07c, as you approach from the east, the corpse of a Scientist will be blown out of the back of a truck. The book will be on the scientist and is much more easily looted from any body parts that remain on the bridge rather than what has fallen into the river below the bridge.
Broadcast Tower LP8 In the Signal Echo Foxtrot sealed cistern.
Chryslus Building On a shelf in the northwestern-most room of the Building Basement.
Corvega Factory In a waste container to the south. You will need to jump in from the cliff above.
Corvega Factory Entrance, up the stairs and to your left. It's sitting on a desk (or on top of filing cabinet adjacent to desk).
Sewer Waystation In the County Sewer Mainline, in a big three-floored room next to a computer terminal, behind a locked gate.
Fort Bannister In an Average locked room at the bottom of the concrete stairs in Fort Bannister Main with a Fat Man and a Mini Nuke.
Fort Constantine Launch Control Bunker from the CO Quarters of Fort Constantine, on a desk in the NE corner.
Galaxy News Radio Rec room with Three Dog, on the desk next to the radio with other goodies. Must be stolen.
Greener Pastures Disposal Site In the back end of a truck in the southwest near a dead scientist.
Hallowed Moors Cemetery In the lectern.
Jury Street Metro Station On a desk in Drainage Chamber accessed through a manhole North of where you get the Radio Signal Oscar Tango, which is directly south of Jury Street Metro Station.
L'Enfant In between L'Enfant and L'Enfant South, in a Pulowski Preservation Shelter
Marigold Station In Queen Ant's Hatchery, in the lair of the Marigold Ant Queen on a desk next to a terminal. *May have been knocked on the ground next to the desk, check around there if it isn't on the desk.
Megaton One of the rewards of the Wasteland Survival Guide quest. Given by Moira Brown as reward for completion.
Nuka-Cola Plant On the second floor in the office area.
Rivet City In Rivet City Bow, in Pinkerton's room on the lower-level desk. Must be stolen.
RobCo Factory Factory floor, by the Protectron Pod area to NE, on console.
Shalebridge On a dead researcher in the egg room. The researcher respawns every 73 hours.
Tenpenny Tower In your suite in Tenpenny Tower, once you purchase the "Scientist" room theme (Tesla appears in the house in Megaton with this theme).
Vault-Tec Headquarters Corporate offices, it's sitting on a wall shelf hanging over open air on the second floor. You must jump to reach it, or crawl slowly on the bit of remaining floor, while looking up to the shelf. The book is on its side, barely hanging over the edge.
Warrington Station On a desk in the room with the door to the Metro Access & Generator.

Fallout Tactics

Closest map marker Location description
Rock Falls In locked chest
Preoria In two places
Jefferson In fridge
Kansas City In two shelves
Junction City In bookshelf
Special encounter: Merchant For sale
Special encounter: Brothers Grimm Carried by Joe Grimm


Fallout 3

  • It is possible to obtain infinite copies of the book because the Ant Researcher in Shalebridge Tunnels respawns every 73 hours. This resets his inventory and the book can be taken from him multiple times. It may be difficult to find him at times. The Ant Researcher is hostile to both you and the "friendly" ants, but usually does not fight, resulting in his retreat, sometimes glitching into areas of the cave you cannot reach. If you are playing the PC version and you do not want to (literally) spend hours waiting 73 in-game hours every time for the Ant Researcher to respawn, you can use the console to select the corpse of the Ant Researcher and use the resurrect command. This will not only bring the him back to life, but also reset his inventory. Although if you are using Console Commands, then you may as well just add the books to your inventory.
  • If you intend to pick up all 25 skillbooks (and not use the above bug), you'll have to buy the Scientist Theme for your Tenpenny Tower suite. Only 24 books are available if you choose not to (or if you have the Megaton House).
Skillbooks in the Fallout games

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