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Bibliography: Lost has generated a good deal of critical analysis and writings published elsewhere. This page collects an annotated and alphabetical list of critical and academic articles, books, and resources about the show. It is not a collection of news stories, reviews, novels, or general websites.



  • Ankerberg, John and Dillon Burroughs, What Can Be Found in Lost?: Insights on God and the Meaning of Life from the Popular TV Series. Harvest House, 2007.
  • ISBN 0736921214
  • Card, Orson Scott (Editor), Getting Lost: Survival, Baggage, and Starting Over in J. J. Abrams' Lost. Benbella Books, 2006.
  • ISBN 1932100784
Main article: Getting Lost: Survival, Baggage, and Starting Over in J. J. Abrams' Lost
  • Collection of essays by popular writers speculating and analyzing the show.
  • Damitio, Chris. Lost in Transmediality: Exploring Television's LOST and it's fans [sic]., 2009.
  • 196 pages, 6" x 9"
  • Publisher's summary: A look at the hit television series LOST. In this anthropological study, the author looks at the production team, the actors, and the story of LOST while delving into what it is that makes this show a hit with the fans. Never before published interviews with the producers, in depth looks at the fan community, and an examination of what it takes to make a show like LOST.
  • Available as book or download at publisher website [1]
  • Porter, Lynette and David Lavery, Unlocking the Meaning of Lost: An Unauthorized Guide. Sourcebooks, 2006 (1st ed.), 2007 (2nd ed.)
  • ISBN 1402207263 (1st ed.)
  • ISBN 1402209177 (2nd ed.)
Main article: Unlocking the Meaning of Lost: An Unauthorized Guide
  • Pearson, Roberta, ed., Reading Lost (London: I.B. Tauris, 2008).
  • ISBN 9781845118365
  • A collection of essays by top television scholars, covering issues of industrial strategies, cultural representations, and aesthetics.
  • Introduction: Why Lost? -- Roberta Pearson
  • How Lost Found its Audience: The Making of a Cult Blockbuster -- Stacey Abbott
  • The Fictional Institutions of Lost: World Building, Reality, and the Economic Possibilities of Narrative Divergence -- Derek Johnson
  • Television Out of Time: Watching Cult Shows On Download -- Will Brooker
  • The Gathering Place: Lost in Oahu -- Julian Stringer
  • Lost logos: Channel 4 and the Branding of American Event Television -- Paul Grainge
  • Lost in a Great Story: Evaluation in Narrative Television (and Television Studies) -- Jason Mittell
  • Chain of Events: Regimes of Evaluation and Lost's Construction of the Televisual Character -- Roberta Pearson
  • `Do you even know where this is going?': Lost's Viewers and Narrative Premeditation -- Ivan Askwith
  • Lost in Genre: Chasing the White Rabbit to Find a White Polar Bear -- Angela Ndalianis
  • Lost in the Orient: Transnationalism Interrupted -- Michael Newbury
  • We're Not in Portland Anymore: Lost and Its International Others -- Jonathan Gray
  • `A fabricated Africanist persona': Race, Representation, and Narrative Experimentation in Lost -- Celeste-Marie Bernier
  • Queer(ying) Lost -- Glyn Davis and Gary Needham
  • Porter, Lynette, David Lavery, and Hillary Robson. Lost's Buried Treasures. Sourcebooks, 2007.
  • ISBN 1402210310
  • A recap and analysis of the first season and a half of the show.
  • Stafford, Nikki, Finding Lost: The Unofficial Guide. 383 pages, 13 photos. ECW Press, 2006
  • ISBN 1550227432
Main article: Finding Lost: The Unofficial Guide
  • An episode-by-episode guide to the show covering to the end of season two.
  • Stafford, Nikki, Finding Lost-Season Three: The Unofficial Guide. 200 pages. ECW Press, 2007.
  • ISBN 1550227998
Main article: Finding Lost-Season Three: The Unofficial Guide
  • Vaz, Mark Cotta, The Lost Chronicles: The Official Companion Book. 176 Pages. Hyperion Publishing, 2005.
  • ISBN 1401308155
Main article: The Lost Chronicles: The Official Companion Book
  • The Lost Chronicles is the official companion book to Season 1 of Lost.
  • Wood, J., Living Lost: Why We're All Stuck On the Island 266 pages. Garrett County Press, 2007.
  • ISBN 1891053027
Main article: Living Lost: Why We're All Stuck On the Island
  • Cultural criticism based on the Lost narrative. Part-way between scholarship and pop culture commentary.

Book chapters

  • Anderson, Christopher, "Television Networks and the Uses of Drama," in Thinking Outside the Box: A Contemporary Television Genre Reader, edited by Gary Edgerton & Brian Rose (Lexington: University of Kentucky Press, 2005), 65-87.
  • ISBN 0813123658
  • A discussion of TV promotional techniques, using Lost as an example of the blurring between drama and advertising.
  • Jones, Steven E., "The Game of Lost," in The Meaning of Video Games: Gaming and Textual Strategies (New York: Routledge, 2008).
  • ISBN 0415960568
  • An analysis of the show within the context of gaming and gamer culture.

Print articles

  • Drangsholt, Janne Stigen, "World without end or beginning: structures of dis-placement in Lost," New Review of Film and Television Studies 7:2, 2009, Pages 209 – 224.

Online essays

  • The Society for the Study of Lost publishes a number of critical essays and commentaries on the show. [2]
  • Gibson, Tim, "Glimpsing Utopia on Lost," Flow 6:2. [3]
  • An analysis of the socialist ideals in the show's island economy & society.
  • Gray, Jonathan & Jason Mittell, "Speculation on Spoilers: Lost Fandom, Narrative Consumption and Rethinking Textuality‘ Particip@tions Volume 4, Issue 1 (May 2007). [4]
  • A study of why some fans read online spoilers of the show.
  • Lavery, David, "Get Lost in a Good Story," Flow 3:2. [5]
  • A discussion of the show's use of serial narrative.
  • Mittell, Jason, "The Value of Lost," Flow 2:10. [6]
  • An argument for the aesthetic value of Lost.
  • Mittell, Jason, "Lost in an Alternate Reality," Flow 4:7. [7]
  • Mittell, Jason, "Sites of Participation: Wiki Fandom and the Case of Lostpedia," Transformative Works and Cultures vol 3. [8]
  • An analysis of Lostpedia.

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