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Beyond the Sea
Series: Doctor Who -
Tenth Doctor comic strip stories
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Setting: An unknown living planet
Author: Steve Cook
Editor: Ben Robinson
Artist: Lee Sullivan
Colourist: Alan Craddock
Lettering: not stated
Published In: Doctor Who: Battles in Time (magazine)
Publication: 21st March 2006
Publisher: GE Fabbri Ltd
Format: Comic - Part 3 of 4 (4 pages)
Previous Story: The Sky Below
Next Story: Lonely Planet


Opening Tag

The TARDIS has gone missing on a living planet. With the help of Kul, the Doctor embarks on a desperate hunt …


Using aquabikes from more of the spacecraft's wreckage the Doctor, accompanied by Kul, drive beneath the ‘sea’, or the life sustaining plasma of the planet as the Doctor describes it. They are attacked by more antibody defences this time looking like giant floating eyeballs with tentacles. Kul and the Doctor escape these antibodies by hiding in a hole in the rock, which turns out to be the very craft that Kul and his people came from. Anti-aquatic gases outside create a pressure round the wrecked Life Ark which itself is protected by an army of cleaning robots acting like antibodies to keep the ship sterile. The planets antibodies break through the pressure barrier and battle the cleaning robots. The Doctor boots the anti-aquatic gases,creating a pressure bubble that expels the planets living antibodies from the ship. They then manage to safely locate the ships info-banks. The info-banks have been drained by root-like nerve endings that extend up from the heart of the planet through a further hole in the ground. The Doctor with Kul’s help must follow the nerves down to the planet’s ‘brain’ and find out why it is hungry for knowledge and to find out what it has done with the TARDIS…

Artist Lee Sullivan


  • Tenth Doctor
  • Kul – one of the Life Ark (Gamma Class VII) survivors – brown, hairless humanoid with large mouths and blue eyes. Once lived beneath the living planet where he survived by scavaging and living on an island of debris.

Original Print Details

Installment, publication title with page count and closing caption.

  • 3/4 Doctor Who: Battles in Time Issue 14 (4 pages) TO BE CONTINUED!!!
  • No reprints to date.


  • Supporting the series of collectable Doctor Who trading cards, the magazine title, carried a regular 4 page, individually titled comic strip series of the Tenth Doctor’s adventures.
  • Style wise, the artwork and colours were bold and bright reflecting the tone of the magazine and, as with Doctor Who Adventures, it reflected the appeal to younger readers than that catered for by Doctor Who Magazine.


  • The Battles in Time comic strip often sought to reinforce the Doctor character with that as seen on screen by utilising various ‘props’ used in the TV series. Namely; blue/brown suit, intelligent-looking glasses, sonic screwdriver and psychic paper.


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External Links

  • Doctor Who: Battles in Time official website, with magazine and trading cards details

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Written by 
Music by  Charles Trenet
Lyrics by  Jack Lawrence
Date  1959
Source  La Mer (1943)
Publisher  Atco

"Beyond the Sea" is a song made popular by Bobby Darin, who reached #6 on the Billboard music charts with the song. It is the English language version of the song "La Mer" by Charles Trenet. The Darin recording has been used in The X-Files, among other television shows.

Kermit and Pepe the King Prawn sing the song with The Shins at the "Kermit and Pepe at the Grammy Awards" short, released on Disney Xtreme Digital.

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"La Mer"
Charles Trenet
Heard/referenced in
Songfacts entry

"La mer", a song written by French lyricist Charles Trenet (1913-2001), is the basis for the popular song "Beyond the Sea."

The English lyric was written by Jack Lawrence. It has been recorded by many singers, but Bobby Darin's version is the best-known.

It is claimed that Trenet wrote the song, together with Leo Chauliac, while riding a train in 1943. It was not until 1946 that he actually recorded the song, however.

It was featured in the opening credits to L.A. Story. The English version of the song featured prominently in the X-Files Season 1, Episode 12, also named "Beyond the Sea". The end credits for the French version of Finding Nemo actually contain "Beyond The Sea." See Amazon France copy of soundtrack.


Relevance to Lost

Shannon singing "La Mer"

In "Whatever the Case May Be", Sayid asks a reluctant Shannon to translate notes made in the map by Danielle Rousseau. Shannon recognizes the song as the ending theme to the "computer-animated fish movie" that Philippe's son Laurent replayed over and over (Finding Nemo). The notes turn out to be the lyrics of this song. Since it is a popular French song that was first recorded in the 1940s, Danielle Rousseau was probably familiar with it since childhood.


  • "La Mer" is one of three examples in the series where a diegetic song (originating from within a story and heard by the characters) is incorporated into the musical score, thereby becoming non-diegetic. After Shannon is heard singing the song, it is played by the piano through the end of the episode. The other examples of this scoring technique are "Shambala" and "Downtown".

Lyrics in French with translation

Des reflets changeants
Sous la pluie
La mer
Au ciel d'été confond
Ses blancs moutons
Avec les anges si purs
La mer,
bergère d'azur infinie.
Près des étangs
Ces grands roseaux mouillés.
Ces oiseaux blancs

La mer
The Sea
Qu'on voit danser le long des golfes clairs
That one sees dancing along the clear gulfs
A des reflets d'argent
Has silver reflections
La mer
The Sea
Des reflets changeants
Changing reflections
Sous la pluie
Under the rain

La mer
The Sea
Au ciel d'été confond
In the summer sky merge
Ses blancs moutons
Its white sheep
Avec les anges si purs
With such pure angels
La mer bergère d'azur
The sea, shepherdess of azure

Près des étangs
Close to the ponds
Ces grands roseaux mouillés
These large wet reeds
Ces oiseaux blancs
These white birds
Et ces maisons rouillées
And these rusted houses

La mer
The Sea
Les a bercés
Has rocked them
Le long des golfes clairs
Along the clear gulfs
Et d'une chanson d'amour
And with a song of love
La mer
The Sea
A bercé mon cœur pour la vie
Has soothed my heart for life

Lyrics for "Beyond the Sea"

Somewhere beyond the sea,
Somewhere, waiting for me,
My lover stands on golden sands
And watches the ships that go sailing;

Somewhere beyond the sea,
He's (She's) there watching for me.
If I could fly like birds on high,
Then straight to his (her) arms I'd go sailing.

It's far beyond a star,
It's near beyond the moon,
I know beyond a doubt
My heart will lead me there soon.

We'll meet beyond the shore,
We'll kiss just as before.
Happy we'll be beyond the sea,
And never again I'll go sailing

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