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Part 1

Brief overview: An anomaly reacts with an alien engine aboard the Pioneer and hurls the ship into the Triangulum Galaxy and straight into the path of the Sentrath Imperium.

Part 2

Brief overview: still trying to figure out how to get back, the ship must deal with the alien fleet which doesn't take kindly to outsiders.

Memorable quotes

"Harry: What were you planning on seeing?
The Message in the Stars.
Harry: Never heard of it.
Nicole: What!
Ria: You’ve
never heard of Message in the Stars! It’s like the most successful World War III movie ever released.
Harry: I’m more a fan of interactive holo-programs so I don’t know much about…
Ria: Movies!
Harry: Movies, right.
— What's a good night out on the Pioneer?

Log entries

  • "Captain's log, stardate 64746.2, we’re en-route to Starbase 84 to deliver fragments of an unidentified alien vessel which exploded in the Sol system a couple of weeks ago. I’m on my guard, there’s been some activity in this sector by the Imperial Klingon State recently and I’d rather avoid getting pulled into Klingon politics."
--- Captain Maxwell

Background information

  • First major references to Star Trek: Unity II
  • In the original draft of the story, the Pioneer would be outfitted with a Transwarp drive which malfunctions causing their journey.
  • In the stardate (64746.2) the inclusion of the number 47 is purely coincidental.
  • Episode date: February 21st, 2387


2387, Fen Domar, Imperial Klingon State, Lieutenant Newson, Message in the Stars, The, Sol system, Starbase 84, World War III

Last produced:
"The World At The Edge Of Time"
Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR)
Next produced:
"Dark Reflection"
Last transmitted:
"The World At The Edge Of Time"
Next transmitted:
"Dark Reflection"

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