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This article is about the city on Tatooine. You may be looking for the planet.
General information

99 BBY


Galactic Empire

Bestine was the capital city of Tatooine during the Imperial period.



Bestine was founded by colonists from the water-world Bestine IV in 99 BBY, which may account for the fact that, a century later, skyhoppers were closely associated with both places.

Before the arrival of the Empire, Bestine was primarily a farming and mining community. But following the rise of the Empire, Bestine became the seat of Imperial power on Tatooine. As a result, it was considered to be the most cosmopolitan and cultured settlement on Tatooine. It was, in many ways, considered to be a, "gem of Imperial politics."

Due largely to the influx of Imperial personnel and their credits, Bestine flourished while other cities on Tatooine struggled. Bestine was once a modest agrarian township, but had since grown to become a thriving economic hub. Bestine attracted a large number of honest merchants, interested in doing legitimate business. Bestine was also considered to be the safest of all cities on Tatooine. Imperial Stormtroopers would patrol the streets, defending citizens from thugs and random Tusken Raider attacks. While the city was considered very safe, it still was not completely devoid of thugs populating the slums of Bestine.

One location of note within the city was the Museum of Tatooine. The popular Barefoot Band would also regularly perform in Bestine's cantina. In addition to this, Bestine was the base of operations for the Imperial Storm Squadron. The Tatooine Visitors Bureau operated out of Bestine as well. Another location of note was a small Imperial garrison, which stood on top of a hill overlooking Bestine.

On their way to Mos Eisley in 0 BBY, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker spent a night in Bestine.

Following the destruction of the Death Star in 1 ABY, Bestine became embroiled in a heated political struggle between an ambitious Imperial officer and a powerful merchant. They were Victor Visalis and Sean Trenwell, the Officer of Defense and Director of Commerce respectively. Both campaigned intensively to gain votes, vying for the same position as Mayor of Bestine. Victor Visalis pledged to secure the metropolis with a surge of Stormtrooper patrols, so as to protect the city from the ongoing threat of Tusken Raider attacks. Sean Trenwell pledged to improve Bestine's marketplace, with the support of the long established Bestine merchants. Both were careful to remain in the good graces of Governor Tour Aryon, in order to benefit their election.[1]

Because the elections were on-going, both had a chance to lead as mayor, and carry out their policies.

During the same year, creatures dug up power cables which brought energy from the Tosche Station to Bestine. This caused a power outage in the city.[2]

Behind the Scenes

Bestine is mentioned by Biggs Darklighter in a deleted scene from A New Hope. He claimed that a friend of a friend knew someone who could help him and his friends make contact with the Rebel Alliance.

In the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies, players can take part in an on-going political election between Sean Trenwell and Victor Visalis.



Notes and references

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  • Bestine Politics: Political Intrigue in Bestine

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Bestine is one of the largest static cities on Tatooine. It is considered by the Empire to be Tatooine's capitol city. It contains most city services a city could provide and is a popular landing point for many areas on the planet, because of its central location. New characters who wish to begin an Imperial Pilot career on Tatooine will be directed to the city, where the first Imperial Pilot Trainer for the planet is located.

Bestine is the Imperial stronghold city for Tatooine. Imperials will always be in control of the city, even if Rebels are winning the war on the planet and have control of all other cities. Lower level Rebels are advised to stay away--unless you want to be attacked by Storm Troopers.

Bestine also houses the capitol building for Tatooine. Within the capitol are two candidates who are perpetually running against one another. Players can do minor quests to secure their support for a given candidate and depending on the outcome of the election possibly receive a reward for their support. One example of this reward is a decorative rug.

Architects and art lovers also like Bestine for its museum located near the capitol building. Inside, players can pay for a limited use schematic of a peice of art. The artwork changes on a regular basis, and the schematic typically costs 48,000 credits and has three uses.

Bestine, Tatooine
Bestine sight from a nearby hill
In front of the Bestine Capitol
The Moraj Memorial

Table of contents

City Services



  • Beast Trainer (-1445, -3750)

Faction Locations

Quest Givers

Other NPCs

  • Chassis Dealer (-1310, -3589)
  • Event Promoter (-1219, -3659)
  • Junk Dealer (-1287, -3655) (-1259, -3673) (-1026, -3557) (-1259, -3582) (-1135, -3683) (-1118, -3687)
  • Major Caleb Knolar (-1148, -3903) (Imperial donations)
  • Vi'conya T'ili (-1001, -3549) Waypoints for Tusken Village and Tusken Bunker

Guides to Bestine

Easter Egg

A flag right outside Bestine, the Moraj Memorial, was placed by the game developers of Star Wars Galaxies in honor of Nathan "Moraj_Markinnison" Larkins, one of the beta testers, who died in a car crash in early October 2002.

Star Wars Lore

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