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Besaid Village
"Now, that looks like a fine place to live."

Besaid is a location from Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. It is a small island at the southernmost point of the world of Spira. Tidus washes ashore on the beach following his second encounter with Sin and it is here that his story begins. The island features a large beach and seaport, a small village surrounded by forests and waterfalls, and Besaid Temple. It is the childhood home of Yuna, Wakka, Lulu and Chappu.

In the English localization, Besaid is pronounced [biˈseɪd].


Besaid Village

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Final Fantasy X

The only populated area on Besaid Island, the village is a small settlement which is famous for the fabrics and clothes it produces. Once long ago, it was a Machina City that was destroyed by Sin; the ruins of this city can be seen throughout the island. When Braska visited Besaid on his pilgrimage to defeat Sin, he thought the island would be a great place to raise a family and asked Auron to bring his daughter Yuna there after Sin was calmed. Although Auron could not fulfill this promise himself, he entrusted the task to Kimahri Ronso, who found Yuna in Bevelle and brought her to the island where she grew up with Wakka, Lulu, and Chappu.

Besaid is the home base of the Aurochs, one of the six Blitzball teams of Spira. The Crusaders also have a presence in the village; it is they who are charged with guarding the Temple.

Once the party has gained control of the Airship, should they decide to revisit the village, Dark Valefor will be summoned at the entrance and will attack. This is available only in the International and PAL versions.

The group can also come back to get Valefor's new overdrive Energy Blast.

Final Fantasy X-2

The village has remained much the same as it was seen during the time of Sin. It is still a peaceful place and for the most part has resisted the influence of New Yevon and the Youth League. Wakka and Lulu still reside here, now married and expecting their first child. Yuna is apprehensive about returning to the village as she ran off with little notice to join the Gullwings a few months before the start of the game.

Besaid Temple

Besaid Temple

The Temple of Yevon in Besaid is where the Aeon Valefor is obtained from the temple's Fayth, a young girl. It is here where Yuna completes her studies and becomes a summoner.

When Shuyin took Vegnagun deep into the Farplane, fiends began pouring out of the temple. Without knowing what the cause was, Beclem decided to burn it down. However, at the pleas of Yuna, who wished to keep her memories intact, he changed his mind, giving them a chance to discover the cause. After Valefor - controlled by Shuyin - was destroyed, he agreed to leave the temple alone.

Temple Aeon

Temple Trials

A series of puzzles involving activating Glyphs, pushing pedestals and replacing spheres. The Destruction Sphere of Besaid is required in order to get Anima of Baaj Temple.


Final Fantasy X

Besaid Village Shop

Item Cost
Potion 50 gil
Phoenix Down 100 gil
Antidote 50 gil

After the battle with Kimahri

Weapon/Armor User Cost
Warrior's Sword Tidus 150 gil
Enchanted Rod Yuna 150 gil
Power Ball Wakka 150 gil
Magical Mog Lulu 150 gil
Seeker's Shield Tidus 150 gil
Seeker's Ring Yuna 150 gil
Seeker's Armguard Wakka 150 gil
Seeker's Bangle Lulu 150 gil

After gaining the airship

The shop now sells weapons and armor with three empty slots.

Weapon/Armor User Cost
Baroque Sword Tidus 450 gil
Ductile Rod Yuna 450 gil
Switch Hitter Wakka 450 gil
Variable Mog Lulu 450 gil
Halberd Kimahri 450 gil
Shimmering Blade Auron 450 gil
Devastator Rikku 450 gil
Glorious Shield Tidus 450 gil
Glorious Ring Yuna 450 gil
Glorious Armguard Wakka 450 gil
Glorious Bangle Lulu 450 gil
Glorious Armlet Kimahri 450 gil
Glorious Bracer Auron 450 gil
Glorious Targe Rikku 450 gil

Final Fantasy X-2

Item Cost Chapters Available
Potion 50 All
Hi-Potion 500 CH 3+
Phoenix Down 100 All
Antidote 50 All
Eye Drops 50 All
Echo Screen 50 All
Soft 50 All
Holy Water 300 All
Watery Gleam 3,000 All
Blue Ring 3,000 All
Blue Ring 3,000 CH 3+
NulTide Ring 8,000 CH 3+
Besaid Key 900,000 CH 1-2

Secret Areas

  • Besaid Falls
  • Besaid Ruins 1
  • Besaid Ruins 2
  • Wakka's Cave (Final Fantasy X-2)


Final Fantasy X-2

  • Gunner's Gauntlet
  • Gunner's Gauntlet (Cloister of Trials)
  • Search Sphere Quest


Final Fantasy X

  • The Moon Crest for Yuna's Celestial Weapon, Nirvana is found in a small alcove on the beach.
  • The Besaid Falls hidden area houses a chest containing a Dragoon Lance for Kimahri.
  • The hidden areas of the Ruins yield a Victorious armor for Rikku and a Murasame for Auron.
  • The Jecht Sphere for Auron's Overdrive is located at the front of the Temple to the right.

Enemy formations

Final Fantasy X



After Airship

Final Fantasy X-2

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Note:Watcher-A, R, and S will only appear before the Machina Panzer boss is defeated.

Chapter 5

Note:Watcher-A, R, and S will only appear before the Machina Panzer boss is defeated.

Musical Themes

"Besaid Island"
Trouble with the audio sample?

The music that plays on Besaid Island is called Besaid Island. The piece was one of sixteen tracks selected from the original soundtrack to be re-arranged by Masashi Hamazu in the Piano Collections: Final Fantasy X album.


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