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Besadii was a Hutt clan. They were the bitter enemies of the Desilijic clan. An anti-slavery raid shut down their Ylesian slave operations. The Raid was instituted by Rebel and smuggler force lead by Han Solo and Bria Tharen. Before this raid, Besadii ran one of the most profitable kajidics. Fondor was one of their main markets.

After the First Battle of Nal Hutta, many members of the Besadii were killed in their palaces by Yuuzhan Vong creations. The surviving members evacuated to Gamorr, Tatooine, and Rodia.




Notes and references

Family tree

                            Besadii Hutt--------------------------
                            |          |                         |
              Aruk Besadii Aora     Unidentified Hutt      Zavval
                        |              |
              Durga Besadii Tai     Kibbick     
                                          Borga Besadii Diori
                                          Randa Besadii Diori

                                             Gardulla the Elder
                                             |                |
                               Gardulla the Younger     Decca Besadii Diori

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