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Umaro is a Berserker from Final Fantasy VI.

The Berserker (バーサーカー Bāsākā) is a recurring job in the Final Fantasy series. In all of its appearances, they wear animal furs, and tend to be more revealing on the female characters. Berserkers typically cannot be controlled by the player as they are always in Berserk status. However, their statistics, particularly their physical ones, are usually much higher than those of other jobs.




Final Fantasy V

Main article: Berserker (Final Fantasy V)

When the Water Crystal shatters, one of its shards grants the Berserker job to the party. The player has no control over the character when the class is used, but have very high attack power which couples with the ability to equip axes.

Final Fantasy VI

Umaro is the only character in the series who is a true Berserker, being uncontrollable in battle and changing his actions only if certain Relics are equipped. Gau may also be considered to be a Berserker, but concentrates on enemy abilities rather than purely using physical attacks.

Final Fantasy X-2

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The Berserker Dressphere is obtained during Chapter 3 in the Macalania Woods. While not naturally in berserk status, the spell is usable by the class, as well as are various status-inflicting and buffing abilities.

Final Fantasy XII International

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Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Main article: Berserker (Final Fantasy Tactics A2)

The Berserker is a job exclusive to members of the Seeq race. As a berserker, though, they aren't passively on berserk unless using a Reaction Ability. The job uses several powerful, damaging physical attacks.


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