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Squall Leonheart under the Berserk status in Final Fantasy VIII.
Symbol as seen in Final Fantasy IV DS.

Berserk is a recurring status effect in the Final Fantasy series. Generally, berserked characters increase their Attack power and Speed, but they can only use physical attacks and cannot be controlled. Occasionally, there is an item called Bacchus's Wine and a spell of the same name that inflicts Berserk. The Job class Berserker is constantly under the Berserk status, and uses it for greater physical damage.




Final Fantasy II

Berserk increases the Attack power of an ally and can be stacked. Players retain control of a berserked character, making the status more desirable than in later installments in the series.

Final Fantasy IV

In addition to the Berserk spell, the Avenger sword causes the wielder to be permanently Berserk until unequipping it.

Final Fantasy V

The Berserker Job is in a constant Berserk state and cannot be controlled. It is removed with Dispel. The Blue Magic Moon Flute inflicts Berserk on the entire party.

Final Fantasy VI

The secret character Umaro is in a constant Berserk state and cannot be controlled. Also Gau, once having chosen a Rage command, cannot be controlled for the rest of the battle, which is similar to Berserk.

Final Fantasy VII

Berserk, in this game, increases the character's physical attack damage by x1.5, though at the cost of losing control of the character.

Game Element Type Effect
Berserk Magic Inflicts Berserk.
Howling Moon Limit Break Inflicts Berserk and Haste on user, and increases Attack by 60%.
Berserk Needle Enemy Attack Inflicts minor non-elemental damage and Berserk.
Crazy Claw Enemy Attack Inflicts minor non-elemental damage and Berserk.
Peace Ring Accessory Prevents Berserk, Fury, and Sadness.

Final Fantasy VIII

The Mad Rush ability inflicts Berserk on the party, as well as Haste and Protect. It is removed using Esuna, the healing item Remedy or the Treatment command. Berserk increases damage by 50%. In addition, using Rinoa's Limit Break Angel Wing puts her in a Berserk status, but rather than using physical attacks, she casts a random spell from her magic stock. However, if there are no spells to cast, then she does physical attacks.

Final Fantasy IX

Buzz is a spell only available to some enemies, which inflicts Berserk. It can be cured by Gysahl Greens, Remedies, or the spell Esuna. Freya can also inflict Berserk on all allies by using Luna.

Final Fantasy X

Berserk can only be inflicted by enemies.

Final Fantasy X-2

Game Element Type Effect
Berserk White Magic Inflicts Berserk.
Soul Swipe Flimflam Inflicts Berserk.
Assault Warrior Command Grants Berserk, Shell, Haste, and Protect to the party.
Kogoro Shock Yuna's Trainer Inflicts Lightning-elemental damage as well as Berserk.
Pesky Ghiki Rikku's Trainer Inflicts non-elemental damage and Berserk.
Berserk Berserker Command Grants Berserk as well as increasing Attack power.
Berserk Knife Paine's Mascot Inflicts non-elemental damage and Berserk.
Mad Seeds Floral Fallal Inflicts non-elemental magic damage and Berserk.
Berserk Missile Machina Maw Inflicts physical damage and Berserk.
Crazy Wing Full Throttle Inflicts non-elemental magic damage and Berserk.

Similarly, the accessory Wring forces the player to use only Black Magic spells, but boosts their strength.

Final Fantasy XI

Berserk is a beneficial status gained from a Job Ability used by Warriors. Rather than having the character attack relentlessly, it increases Attack power and simultaneously reduces Defense power.

Final Fantasy XII

The Berserk spell itself is an Arcane Magick, and Bacchus's Wine also inflicts the status. In addition to the increased Attack power and the loss of control, characters under Berserk will attack faster, similar to Haste. The status effect itself is Positive, as it can be removed by using Dispel, but not Esuna, and the status persists even if a Save Crystal is touched. The effect is temporary.

At one point in the game, Fran will automatically go into Berserk while fighting Vossler.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Berserk can only be used by Ba'Gamnan, who learns the spell of the same name at level 12.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

The Defender Job class can learn the reaction ability Last Berserk, which causes the Defender to self-Berserk when it is in critical status. The Juggler Job class may learn the ability Firebomb, which berserks and damages. The Soldier Job class is capable of learning Provoke, which berserks the target.

The Berserk status is especially useful when there is a law prohibiting the Fight command. Placing enemy units under Berserk will force them to use Fight, thus allowing them to get sent off.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Whenever the player engages any piece on a stage, all Battle Pieces that are adjacent to the player becomes Berserk and the player must engage them instantly, with the player unable to customize their character or use any skills before battle. Some battle pieces start in Berserk, and will fight the player if they place their piece adjacent to them. Berserked battle pieces glow red. The effects of Berserk can be nullified once by using the Blink skill, or all the time, including all the next stages of the story, with the Invisible skill.


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