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Berserk in Final Fantasy VII.

Berserk (バーサク, Bāsaku) is a spell which inflicts the Berserk status effect. The spell itself is not confined to one specific class of magic.




Final Fantasy II

Berserk is a Black Magic spell which increases the strength of one or all allies in battle, allowing them to inflict more physical damage per hit. This increment increases with the spell's level. This effect can stack, however repeated use on the same character(s) will increase the chance that spell will miss. Unlike later editions, the player retains control of berserked characters. Any character can learn Berserk by having them use the Berserk Tome (called the Berserk Scroll in the Origins release).

Berserk Tome
Effect Allows the target to learn Berserk when used outside of battle. Casts Berserk VIII on all allies when used in battle.
Buy In Jade Passage, Raqia
Find In N/A
Won From Dark Magician, Magician
Cost 10,000 gil (all releases)

Final Fantasy IV

Berserk appears as a White Magic spell that can be learned by Rosa at level 20 (30 in the DS version), Porom at level 29, and Fusoya initially. It costs 18 MP to cast in non-DS versions, and 15 MP in the DS version.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Berserk returns as a White Magic spell that is learned at level 20 for Rosa, level 18 for Porom, level 23 for Leonora, and initially learned by Fusoya. It costs 18 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy V

Berserk is a level 5 White Magic that costs 8 MP to cast, and can be bought in Moore for 6,000 gil.

Final Fantasy VI

Berserk is a Support Magic spell that costs 16 MP and can only be learned from the Phantom Magicite at x3 learning rate, though Celes can learn it naturally at level 32.

Final Fantasy VII

Berserk can be cast on enemies via the Mystify Materia. It costs 28 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy VIII

Berserk is a spell which can be drawn and Junctioned or cast.

Final Fantasy IX

The Berserk spell inflicts the Berserk status. Dagger learns Berserk from the Magic Racket for 30 AP, and the spell costs 6 MP to cast. Armstrong and Ozma can both cast Berserk. The spell has a 75% Accuracy rate.

Final Fantasy X

Berserk is a spell only available to some enemies. It cannot be inflicted directly by characters.

Final Fantasy X-2

The Berserker Dressphere has Berserk as a command ability, and the girl can choose to inflict the status on herself during a battle. Berserk can also be cast on enemies through Yuna's Festival-Goer Dressphere ability Flare Geta, though the outcome of the spell is random. The Warrior ability Assault also casts Berserk on the party, along with Haste, Shell, and Protect, making it useful for quickly disposing of weaker enemies.

Final Fantasy XI

Berserk is a specific Job Ability for Warriors. Rather than having the character attack relentlessly, it increases Attack power and simultaneously reduces Defense power.

Final Fantasy XII

"The character has given in to rage, fighting relentlessly with heightened attack power. Remove by casting Dispel."

Berserk is an Arcane Magick 2 License costing 25 LP. The License price is 1,000 gil, and casting it costs 10 MP. In the International Zodiac Job System version, Berserk is a Time Magick 7 License, costing 80 LP.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Berserk is an ability learned by Ba'Gamnan at level 12 and it inflicts the Berserk status on a single ally for 20 seconds.


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