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Benny Russell.

Benny Russell is the alter ego of Benjamin Sisko, in the context of his own visions from the Prophets, and of Elias Vaughn's second orb experience.

Benny was an American of African descent living in New York City in the mid-20th century. He served in the U.S. Navy in the Pacific theatre during World War II, and later became a writer for the science fiction magazine Incredible Tales of Scientific Wonder. He was dismissed from this job when he refused to change a story he had written in which a "Negro" commanded a space station. The conflict with his editor led to a mental breakdown, and Russell was institutionalized. (DS9 episode and novelization: "Far Beyond the Stars")

Russell was placed under the care of Dr. James Wykoff. He continued to write even after Wycoff forbid him paper, at which point he resorted to writing on the walls. (DS9 episode: "Shadows and Symbols") Russell refused to give up his "story" about Benjamin Sisko, and Wycoff eventually relented, allowing Russell to continue his writing as a form of therapy. (DS9 short story: "Isolation Ward 4")

In Vaughn's encounter with Russell (in which he takes on the alter ego of "Eli Underwood"), Russell has earned the trust and respect of the institute's staff, and was given enough free rein of the facility to show Eli around. The two shared a love of baseball and quickly became friends. (DS9 novel: Unity)

On April 2, 1954, Russell was released from the institution, and reunited with his girlfriend Cassie. (DS9 short story: "Isolation Ward 4")

Historical references in Unity, such as that to Hurricane Hilda, puts Underwood's encounter with Russell in late 1955, contradicting the specific dating used in "Isolation Ward 4". However, the assertion in Unity that Cassie was at the same time pregnant with his child also seems to contradict the implied 1953 setting for "Far Beyond the Stars". Given the nature of Prophet visions, such contradictions of the linear timeline are perhaps to be expected.

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