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"Scion of darkness and guardian of the Holy Realm, made by the gods in opposition to Loghrif the Transcendent, scion of light. Called the Gigas for his appearance: man and monster fused as one. Considered a mistake upon his making, and receiving not his intended role, the Gigas challenged the gods and lost. Scorned by his masters, he found another: the Dynast-King, whose tomb he swore to protect for eternity."
Clan Primer Bio

Belias the Gigas (魔人ベリアス Majin Beriasu lit. Belias the Devil-Man) is an Esper from the world of Ivalice. The Esper of Fire, he represents the Zodiac sign of Aries, the Ram (which is also a fire sign). However, his only ram-like feature are his horns and hooves. From his power of Fire, his color sign is Red. He is also referred to as the Mesha Ascendant, which is the Sanskrit name of its Zodiac sign as used in Jyotish (Hindu) astrology. Belias is based upon the Lucavi Belias the Gigas from Final Fantasy Tactics, though it is noted that he acts as the Final Fantasy XII summon counterpart for the summon Ifrit.




Final Fantasy XII

For the enemy page, see Belias (Final Fantasy XII)

Belias is found in the Tomb of Raithwall, still guarding his master's tomb. He is the first of the five Espers obtained during the main storyline, and the only one you have to summon during the main course of the game. The main gate of Giruvegan can only be opened by The Gigas, forcing you to summon Belias to open it. We can then assume that the Holy Realm he was created to guard was Giruvegan, and that the gods referred to in every Esper entry are the Occuria.

Belias can be unlocked in the Sky Pirate's Den in the Clan Primer. By acquiring every Esper, including Zodiark, you get the award of High Summoner.



Painflare: A Fire Elemental attack. Like your standard higher level Fire spell.

Hellfire: A Fire-elemental attack, and Belias' ultimate attack. Twirling his staff, Belias summons a giant fireball. He then sets his staff ablaze, jumps high into the air and thrusts his staff into the earth, making the ground break apart. Fire and molten rock from the depths of hell spew out, burning everything on their path and damage the enemy.

License Information

  • Required License Points - 10 LP
  • Required Mist Carts - 1

Gambit Information

Priority Condition Action
1 Summon time remaining < 10s Hellfire
2 Self: HP < 30% Hellfire
3 Foe: absorbs fire Attack
4 Foe: fire-weak Painflare
5 Foe: any Painflare



  • None


  • None


Stat Base Growth Level 1 Level 50 Level 99
HP 400 9 409 850 1291
Strength 22 7 29 372 693
Magick 27 9 36 477 918
Stamina 22 7 29 372 693
Mind 23 7 30 373 694
Speed 21 5 26 271 516
Attack 20.5 1.75 22.25 108 193.75
M-Attack 21.78 2.25 24.03 134.28 244.53
Defense 5.5 1.75 7.25 93 178.75
M-Defense 5.75 1.75 7.5 93.25 179
Movement Speed 0.6 0.000 0.6 0.6 0.6

Final Fantasy XII International

Painflare's power has been boosted. Belias can now cast Fira and Cura. He also has the Piercing Magic augment.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Main article: Belias (Revenant Wings)
"Gigas that strikes with smoldering brimstone."
—In-Game Description

At the Yapih Caverns, after taking care of Ba'Gamnan, the party attempts to hunt down the Judge of Wings to the Dais of the Auracite. Before they can approach her, she summons Belias to attack the party. After defeating Belias, aswell as a whole horde of Fire monsters, the party gets closer to the Judge. However, Belias was only a distraction for the party; the Judge of Wings has now had enough time to summon Bahamut, the ultimate summon. After the following scenes, the party can access Belias on the Ring of Pacts.

Belias is a Rank III Magical (Ranged) Fire summon. He teaches Vaan his Quickening, Pyroclasm.

  • Painflare: Deals heavy Fire damage to one foe.
  • Firaja: Deals heavy Fire damage to all foes in range.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Belias returns as a Scion. A unit must be equipped with the Gigas Pendant to summon him. His attack, Hellfire, deals heavy Fire damage to all foes.


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