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This article is about "Ghost Ahoy" quest item. For item used in the 2009 Christmas event, see Bedsheets.
"Sheet" redirects here. It is not to be confused with Metal sheet, Music sheet, and Iron sheet..
The chathead whilst wearing a bedsheet.

The Bedsheet is obtained from the innkeeper of Port Phasmatys during the Ghosts Ahoy quest to be given to Robin Hood in a nearby room.

Although it is brown when received, it can be changed to a light green colour by covering it in ectoplasm. To do this, players must dip it into the pool of slime on the bottom floor of the cavern beneath the Ectofuntus or dip it into a bucket of slime collected from the pool. Although this is supposed to make you resemble a ghost, when talking to residents of the port, they will merely joke at you.

When worn, the bedsheet makes the player resemble a classic "bedsheet" ghost. The bedsheet in is not wearable in any other place than Port Phasmatys; attempting to do so will result in receiving a message, stating: "I'll only wear the bedsheet inside Port Phasmatys!!"

A player wearing both types of bedsheet.

It is impossible to charter a ship while you have a bedsheet.


  • At one time it was possible to wear the bedsheet outside of Port Phasmatys by teleporting to the Party Room. Jagex quickly fixed this glitch.
  • Originally, there were several undead chickens in Port Phasmatys. When a player had the sheet equipped while fighting them, the animation would become glitched. Arrows and spells would shoot from the player, even though the player did not move at all. If using melee, the chicken would appear to get hurt for no reason. Because of this, the chickens were later removed from the city.
  • You are unable to run while wearing the bedsheet.
  • If you attempt to turn logs into bows, you will not perform a fletching animation, instead the logs will turn into bows.
  • If you try to stroke your pet cat while wearing the bedsheet, the cat will roll around and purr, and you will remark about how much the cat loves to be stroked, but you will not bend down or show any animation to stroke the cat.
  • If you empty the ectophial while wearing the bedsheet, the ectophial will appear to float in the air before spilling its contents on the ground.

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