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Becky McDonald
Occupation Barmaid
Born 24th January 1980
Residence Rovers Return Inn
Spouse(s) Steve McDonald (2009)
First appearance 5th February 2006
Duration 2006 to present
Played by Katherine Kelly
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Becky is a "bad girl" and ex-con who's done time along with being a rough sleeper, bringing trouble to anyone who crosses her path. The actress said that her character finds it hard to rely on others because she is, "Very out of sorts because she’s a very independent, feisty sort of character." The character has been noticed for her brash, trashy appearance on the show. Actress Katherine Kelly stated in an interview with female first that she loves her character's 'trailer trash' appearance. Becky became the 50th barmaid at the Rovers Return at the end of June 2008 and the actress revealed she had already had real life experience as a barmaid. She also stated that her ex-con personality would give her an advantage behind the bar saying, "The previous producer, Steve Frost, loved the idea of a barmaid who could lose her temper and throw a punch. Becky's an ex-con so she can fight dirty like nobody else."


Becky's earlier relationships with characters were far and few between, in her early days veiws got to see her onscreen with best friend Kelly Crabtree, until she kissed her boyfriend Lloyd Mullaney. When Becky returned to the show after a brief period out of the show she struck up a good friendship With Roy Cropper and Hayley Cropper. After becoming a more permanent fixture on the street she began a relationship with Jason Grimshaw. Kat Kelly stated that she felt Becky believed she was 100% in love with Jason but that it was just a teenage crush type of relationship because of the on and offf status they held.[10] Fans also approached the actress in the streets and claimed they were jealous of her because of her onscreen romance with Jason Grimshaw.[11] The character later dumped Becky after believing he had a chance of reconciliation with his wife Sarah Grimshaw. Following their break up and the aftermath which was highly publicised by the media[12][13][14] Becky embarked on an affair with fellow resident Steve McDonald. After he helped Becky get off with a charge of criminal damage and assault they both embarked on a long-term affair, the actress revealed that she felt Steve was the best man for her over her previous lover Jason stating: "Both boys bring out different things in Becky. With Jason, they liked going clubbing, and it was no strings attached, I think Becky needs more than that, even though she wouldn't admit it. I think, long-term, Steve's better for her."

Losing Roy and Hayley's trust

In January 2007, a prison acquaintance of Becky's, who went by the name of "Slug" (Marshall Lancaster) came to the street, much to the discomfort of Becky initially. After drinking at The Rovers some days later, she agreed to joyride Roy and Hayley's newly acquired vintage Morris Minor with him. After appearing late for work the next day and Roy hearing from the police that the car had been recovered with her coat on the back seat, she ended up taking the blame for the crime, consequently losing their trust and subsequently her job.

After begging Hayley for forgiveness by gift offering, Hayley adamantly refused. Not long after that, Roy's cafe caught fire whilst Roy and Hayley were in The Rovers. Cab driver Lloyd went in to see if anyone was trapped inside and carried Becky out of the flames. With Becky being the only person to appeared to have been in there at the time, incorrect assumptions were made that she was responsible. The next day Becky showed up at the Rovers to once again beg for forgiveness to Hayley because she was innocent, but Hayley told her what she thought of her and assumed that everything that came out of her mouth was a lie.

Later on, Hayley was assured that arson was not the reason for the fire, and that it was merely an electrical fault in the deep fryer, proving Becky's innocence. Hayley apologised for doubting Becky. After a small heart-to-heart, Hayley and Becky decided to remain friends and Hayley offered Becky her job back at Roy's Rolls, to which Becky accepted.

Helping Hayley to find her son

When Hayley found out she had a son, instead of confiding in her husband Roy, she confided in Becky. Becky suggested that Hayley hired a private detective who ended up tracking down Hayley's son Christian Gately and found out that he owned a music shop. On 1st October Becky went round to the music shop, where she confronted and then attacked Christian, getting her revenge on him for rejecting Hayley. Once Becky calmed down she pointed out to Christian what a nice person Hayley was, and that Hayley would never have set out to hurt him on purpose.

Relationship with Jason Grimshaw

Becky, on numerous occasions, flirted with Jason Grimshaw. When New Years Eve came, on the stroke of midnight Becky and Jason shared a lingering kiss in the back of the pub. On February 4, 2008, Becky and Jason slept with each other. On March 24 she moved in with Roy as lodger. She also began a full time relationship with Jason. On June 11 Becky cheated on Jason with Steve McDonald after Jason kept on avoiding her and Steve had a row with his girlfriend Michelle Connor. The following morning Roy caught them, so Steve claimed that he'd lost the keys to the Rover's and Becky had offered him a stay.

Becky lived as a lodger at Jason's after Roy had thrown her out, and Becky and Jason went on a holiday together as soon as moving in. They returned to the news that Steve and Michelle had broken up. Becky then tried to get them back together but failed. However, the couple reconciled some time later.

Night of rampage

In October 2008 Jason and Becky found an apartment together, however, Jason was secretly back in contact with estranged wife Sarah. When he heard that Sarah was thinking of coming home to Weatherfield he swiftly dumped a heartbroken Becky. She attacked Jason when she later saw him in the Rovers and embarked on a "David Platt" style rampage of violence. She stole a girl's purse in a nightclub, flashed her breasts at a group of passing lads and vandalised a travel agents window and a police car. Steve later found her and brought her back to Roy's where she poured her heart out. She moved out of Jason's and back in with Roy.[17][18] The scenes were so dramatic and dangerous that a stunt cordinator had to install safety fittings on the set

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