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Current Alias



Checkmate; former member of the Global Guardians; former member of Justice League International

Ramon Corvalho (father)


Base Of Operations
Mobile; formerly Manhattan, New York City


5' 8"

140 lbs (64 kg)



Unusual Features
Fire's green hair is a permanent condition related to the origin of her powers. Prior to developing her abilities, Bea's hair was brown.


Marital Status

Previously model, presidential bodyguard, Web model, detective; Currently Checkmate Black Knight


Powers derived through mystical means

Place of Birth

First appearance

Super-Friends #25



Beatriz Bonilla da Costa had originally been bequeathed with her powers due to Brazilian mysticism and was the President of Wayne Enterprises' Brazilian Branch. After the Crisis on Infinite Earths, her history was altered so that she had followed an unusual career path, starting as an amateur model on the beaches of Rio, then becoming a showgirl and stage performer before finding herself serving as an undercover secret agent for the Brazilian government. In the course of one of her missions, she was exposed to the accident which granted her super-human powers, prompting her to assume the identity of the Green Fury and join the international superhero team the Global Guardians.

Shortly after changing her name to the Green Flame, the Guardians' UN funding was withdrawn in the wake of the formation the Justice League International. Miss da Costa talked her teammate and friend Icemaiden into joining her in approaching the JLI embassy and asking for a job and remarkably, in the wake of Black Canary's resignation and the abduction of several members, the short-handed JLI took them on. Eventually, she once again changed her heroic name, this time to "Fire" in affinity with Icemaiden's shortening of her name to simply Ice.

She served the longest continuous term of any JLI member, including an extended period of depowerment after an encounter with Doomsday, a period which sadly coincided with the death of her best friend, Ice, at the hands of the Overmaster.

She subsequently returned to Brazil, and attempted to establish herself as the country's primary superhero. This met with variable success, which she blamed partly on the Martian Manhunter's visibility in the Southern hemisphere (as seen in Martian Manhunter #10).

Fire and the Super Buddies lineup

According to the series Formerly Known as the Justice League, Fire had retired from super-heroing to establish a career as an internet glamour girl when Maxwell Lord talked her and several other former JLI members into reforming as a group of "heroes for the common man" called the "Super Buddies". She found herself apartment-sharing with Mary Marvel and, in a characterization reminiscent of her former interactions with Ice, forced herself into the reluctant role of "babysitter" for the woefully naive teenager.

Subsequent publications have partly called into question whether or not the "Super Buddies" still count as official continuity, though Fire and Mary Marvel have been shown to continue to interact. When attempting to rescue Ice's spirit from Hell (or a dimension similar to it), Fire accidentally looked back, causing the spirit to vanish. During the Super Buddies' time in Hell, Etrigan the Demon suggested that it was Fire who was fated to die instead of Ice.

As depicted in The OMAC Project #4, it seems that after the dissolution of the Super Buddies Fire had returned to her work as detective and secret agent. In that role she helped Booster Gold and Guy Gardner to find the connection between Maxwell Lord and Blue Beetle's death. She then took part in an assault by her former teammates from Justice League International and the Super Buddies against a group of OMACs. Badly wounded, she was saved by the sacrifice of Rocket Red.

Guy Gardner and Booster Gold took her to a hospital. After recovering, Fire appears in The OMAC Project Special as an agent of Amanda Waller.

Fire has also appeared in the 52 maxi-series, chronicling the year's events prior to the One Year Later arc. In issue No. 4, she is shown criticizing Booster Gold for his continued self-promotion while the search continues for the missing superheroes.

One Year Later, she has become the Black King's Knight in the new ongoing Checkmate series. In the first issue of the series, Fire displays a notable change in her character as she is now depicted as an assassin and killer, a follow-up to the implication made by Amanda Waller in the OMAC Project Special that not only did she perform such duties during her secret agent days, but that she enjoyed killing. Checkmate #2, however, indicates that Fire, while she will follow orders to kill, regrets taking part in a Checkmate mission in which as many as 50 Kobra personnel were killed, many immolated by Fire herself.

Powers and Abilities



The original Green Fury had magical flame breath powers due to Brazilian mysticism. She could control her flame breath to allow her to fly and land like a rocket. Green Fury was able to mystically alter her clothing when needed and change the colour of her eyes from green to black, and vice-versa. Green Fury was able to create and cast illusions with her 'dazzle power', fire blasts with her flame with white-hot flame or super-cold freezing flame. Her green flame had the magical ability to heal and repair her costume after a battle. Due to the events of the Crisis on Infinite Earths Green Fury never had any of these magical powers and had a new revised origin.

Pyroplasm Form: Originally Beatriz's only power, gained from a saturation by an organic energy source called Pyroplasm, was the ability to breathe a jet of green flame from her mouth (this accident also permanently dyed her hair green as well). During the Invasion cross-over event, the alien Dominators set off a "metagene bomb" in the upper atmosphere which affected all super-powered beings and, after a period of illness, Fire found her powers greatly magnified as an after-effect. The "new" Fire was now able to completely turn into a being of green flame, in which form she could fly and throw devastating blasts, similar to the Human Torch. The Super Buddies continuity established (and made light of) the fact that flaming on destroyed Bea's clothing, rendering her naked when she stopped using her powers. Checkmate and other appearances have ignored this, suggesting she wears flame-retardant clothing.

  • Pyrokinesis: Fire can create and project green flame. She can also transform her body into living green flame.
  • Intangibility: Solid objects could pass completely through her form without causing injury.
  • Flight: Fire can fly through an act of will.


Covert Ops Agent: Beatriz is also a skilled investigator and espionage agent.

Expert Combatant: Beatriz was also trained by Batman in hand-to-hand combat.

Mental Resistance: She has some resistance to mind control due to the fact that, as a native speaker of Portuguese, her mind is resistant to instructions given in English.

Fashion Designer: She is shown to have a marketable fashion sense having at times worked as a fashion designer.

Strength level

Fire's strength is consistent with that of an adult human female in good physical shape who engages in moderate regular exercise.


Emotional Distress: Unfortunately, it took her some time to come to terms with her increased powers, and she often "flamed on" involuntarily when stressed or angry (and sometimes still does), a distressingly common event for a character depicted as having a tendency towards passionate outbursts.



Self-powered flight.


Appearances in other media

Fire appeared in the Justice League of America television pilot movie. She was played by Michelle Hurd.

Fire and Ice both made several appearances in the Justice League Unlimited animated series, although only Fire had any dialogue. Fire's costume in "normal" mode was a vaguely armoured tank top and pants, while she sported light-green hair and a distinct Latino appearance. In "Fire" mode, however, her facial features change drastically along with the rest of her appearance: green luminous hair and skin, with flame-like entities covering her private parts. Fire seemed to be a distinct novice within the League, given her nervousness about contradicting senior members. Although both women were used primarily in group shots, Fire had several action sequences; her first battle was during The Return, where she temporarily got the better of the android Amazo until he 'learned' her powers and casually swatted her away. She was rescued by the Red Tornado.

Fire and Flash engaged in a relationship of mutual flirting (although Flash was unusually shy about her) even though Hawkgirl hinted sardonically that Fire and Ice are lesbians). Although she was uncredited for the role, the distinctive voice made it clear that actress Maria Canals (Hawkgirl) provided Fire's voice for all her appearances.

In the Justice League Unlimited episode Grudge Match, Fire appeared as a member of a female-only fight club. Black Canary and Fire, both under mind control, were pitted against one another in one of Roulette's organized cage matches. Black Canary won the fight and Fire was seriously injured. She was seen again at the end of the episode being helped out of the building by other League members after Roulette was defeated. Fire has one speaking line in the episode.

In the final episode of Justice League Unlimited, Fire appeared in Ice's swimming pool, and they both fly away together to battle the Parademon invasion of Earth at the hands of Darkseid.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Fire appears briefly in the second episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold helping Plastic Man and Batman fight Gentleman Ghost. Her appearance much reflects the original "Green Fury" character design; she wears a mask, and though her pyrokinesis is directed through her hands rather than from her mouth, she is not shown to transform into a flaming green entity. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle.[1]

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  • Fire profile at the Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe


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