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"Trainers whose open hearts and strong wills allow them to capture and control enemy monsters"

The Beastmaster, also known as Trainer or Mediator, is a job in Final Fantasy V, which is given to you after the Fire Crystal shatters.


The main cast as Mediators.

The Mediator seems to like dressing up in wool, and some even take the ram's horns. This doesn't make much sense, since most monsters you deal with aren't really cuddly. Bartz, Galuf, and Krile have the same costumes, although Krile's is more covered. Faris appears to be wearing ear muffs and has a tail.


  • Job Command - Catch
  • Innate Abilities - None
  • Equipment - Knives, Whip

The catch command lets you capture an enemy during battle, provided they have 1/8 of their HP remaining. Korango's Gourd reduces this to 1/2 HP. If you really want to catch a particular monster, you may wish to try Gravity or the Blue Magic Missile. These will both reduce the health of the foe and prevent it from dying it, allowing you to catch it easier.

Once you've caught something, you can release it to have the captured creature attack Summon style. For unknown reasons, most summoned creatures do a Strong Fight when they're released, which really lives up to its name, doing thousands worth of damage even early in the First World!!

The stat modifiers of Beastmasters are:

  • Strength: +13
  • Agility: +1
  • Stamina: +8
  • Magic: -3

Level-Up Abilities

Level 1 ability
RPGe Name Tame
Anthology Name Tame
GBA Name Calm
AP Required 10
Type Command
Description Calm magic beasts.
Information Can paralyze any enemy, be they magical or not.
Level 2 ability
RPGe Name Control
Anthology Name Control
GBA Name Control
AP Required 50
Type Command
Description Take control of a monster.
Information Lets you take control of one monster. Very useful if you want to learn Blue Magic.
Level 3 ability
RPGe Name Equip Whip
Anthology Name EqWhip
GBA Name Equip Whips
AP Required 100
Type Passive
Description Gain the ability to wield whips.
Information Any job with this ability will be able to equip Whips.
Level 4 ability
RPGe Name Catch
Anthology Name Catch
GBA Name Catch
AP Required 300
Type Command
Description Capture a weakened monster.
Information Lets any job use the Catch/Release command.

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