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Final Fantasy

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Relm of Final Fantasy VI is a mediator.

The Beastmaster (魔獣使い Majyuutsukai lit. Monster Tamer), also known as Trainer or Mediator, is a job class that appears in various titles in the series. They are characterized by wearing clothing similar to one who works with animals. Beastmasters have been known to use weapons from daggers to axes to whips as weapons. Their stats are usually physical in nature. Their abilities include the ability to catch monsters and release them on their opponents, and can also Control the actions of opponents and lure them away.

The only notable beastmaster to have ever appeared is Final Fantasy VI's Relm Arrowny, whose Sketch ability becomes Control when a certain Relic is equipped. Her job class in Final Fantasy VI Advance is Pictomancer, however. Rinoa Heartilly of Final Fantasy VIII exhibits a trait of the job, however, as she commands her dog Angelo as part of her Limit Break.



Final Fantasy V

Main article: Beastmaster (Final Fantasy V)

The Beastmaster is a class that is obtained from a shard of the Fire Crystal. The job can be used to either control an enemy for a short time in battle or to capture it and unleash it in future battles to execute a stronger attack.

Final Fantasy X-2

Main article: Trainer (Final Fantasy X-2)

The Beastmaster Dressphere can be obtained from Kimahri in Chapter 3. All three members of the party will control a different animal which can all be used to execute a wide arrange of different kinds of actions.

Final Fantasy XI

Main article: Beastmaster (Final Fantasy XI)

The Beastmaster is an advanced job which uses its powers to manipulate enemy monsters for the party's benefit.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Main article: Orator

Beastermaster is the name of an ability learned by the Squire class.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Main article: Beastmaster (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance)

The Beastmaster job is available only to Nu Mou. The class has the ability to control a monster on the field for one turn. Afterwards, the monster regains control of itself.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Main article: Beastmaster (Final Fantasy Tactics A2)

The Nu Mou-exclusive Beastmaster class makes a return in Tactics A2.


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[[File:|200px|center|Boyd Wilson (Earth-616)]]
Real Name
Boyd Wilson
Current Alias






Unusual Features
As Beastmaster, Wilson was larger than average humans.


Marital Status



Magickally enhanced human

First appearance

X-Men and Alpha Flight #1
(December, 1985)



Dr. Boyd Wilson, a zoologist, specialized in the relationship between predator and prey. He believed mutants would soon replace humans as the dominant species on earth. He was part of an environmental survey that was struck down by the birth of the magickal FireFountain. Wilson was transformed into Beastmaster, with the ability to control animals.

When the X-Men and Alpha Flight came to the city of those transformed, Beastmaster offered his services to find the missing Snowbird. However, he used his powers to turn Wolverine away from the hunt and return him to the citadel. When Wolverine revived, made sane by the powers of Anodyne, he began his hunt. He found Snowbird and defended her from Beastmaster and Pathfinder. In the ensuing battle, Pathfinder was killed and Beastmaster severely injured.

Beastmaster would later give up his powers and regain his humanity.

Powers and Abilities


As Beastmaster, Wilson had the ability to control animals.

Strength level

As Beastmaster, Wilson possessed superhuman strength


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