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For the parasitic species of the same name, see The Beast.
The Beast
Also known as: Satan, Abaddon, Lucifer, Krop Tor, The King of Despair, The Deathless Prince, The Bringer of the Night, He Who Bathes in the Black Sun, The Sin, The Temptation, The Deceive, The Pain, The Loss, The Death of Hope, Fury, Rage, Death, The Darkness, The Vile, The Ferocity, The Price, The Fool, The Agony, The Fear, The Vanity, The Obsession, The Lust
Race: Demon
Home Planet: Unknown (Imprisoned on Krop Tor)
Home Era: Pre-Universe to 43K2.1
Appearances: DW: The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit
TWM: Jetsam (illusion)
WC: The Beast is Back in Town
Actor: Gabriel Woolf (voice)

The Beast was a Demon imprisoned in the centre of Krop Tor, who claimed to have existed before this Universe was created. He identified himself as Satan, among many other religious representations of him.




The Beast claimed to have existed before the Universe, a claim that the Doctor found troubling to accept or consider as he believed nothing could have existed before then.

It is known that the Beast had been at battle with the Disciples of the Light. The Disciples, who themselves existed before the Universe, bound him in giant chains and confined him to a pit in the centre of Krop Tor, a planet in orbit around K37 Gem 5, a black hole. If he ever tried to escape, the field holding Krop Tor in orbit would collapse and the planet would be sucked into the black hole, taking the Beast with it. Despite this, the Beast claimed that he was the basis of the Devil-figure in all religions. This included the Kaled God of War and the God of Evil for Draconia and Dæmos. (DW: The Satan Pit)

Encounter with the Walker Expedition

In the year 43K2.1, the Walker Expedition came to Krop Tor, searching for the source of energy that kept the planet from falling into the black hole. The Beast possessed Toby Zed via the text transcribed into the Krop Tor Notebook.

Through Toby, the Beast's first action was to kill Scooti Manista by breaking one of the windows after she witnessed the possessed Toby walking outside the station without a spacesuit. The Base's Ood were taken over, causing them to attack the other member of the Expedition.Upon the Ood's defeat, the Beast planned to escape by keeping his spirit in Toby's body, leaving his physical body behind. The Doctor deactivated the force holding Krop Tor in orbit.

His spirit was destroyed when Toby's body was pulled into the black hole, followed shortly by the Beast's original body, which was destroyed along with Krop Tor. However, he claimed that he would never be truly destroyed. (DW: The Satan Pit) This could be supported by the Doctor's words that the Beast is an idea, not to mention the fact that the Beast's mind was detachable from its body, and neither an idea nor a mind can be destroyed by a physical construct, like a black hole.


The Beast's physical body resembled a massive humanoid with crimson skin, two large horns projecting from its head and a corpse-like face.

The Beast could manifest himself through electronic media, including computer voices and hologram viewers. Its mind could leave its body and possess a single hive mind of the Ood collectively or a single human individually, though not more than one at one time. He had the power of telepathy and, through a host, telekinesis. Possession of a human subject affected the host's skin, causing strange markings to appear all over their face and body; and vocal chords, allowing them to speak with different pitches simultaneously. Whether a single human or a hive mind, the eyes of those possessed by the beast glowed a fiery red. The Beast could also project fire from his mouth. His hosts could also physically survive in a vacuum indefinitely. (DW: The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit)

He is known to have a son, Abaddon who was trapped in the Cardiff Rift on Earth. (TW: End of Days)

Some also called the Beast itself Abaddon. Abaddon had a "nemesis" or "evil twin" known as Pwccm. It is unknown if Pwccm is related the Beast. (TWN: The Twilight Streets)

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Base Of Operations






Unusual Features
During transitional periods between his human persona and his "beast" persona, Lord Beast speaks with a lisp.


Marital Status



First appearance



History of character is unknown.

Powers and Abilities


  • Transformation: Lord Beast possesses the ability to alter his form from that of a normal human being, to that of an apish creature. The Beast has no control over his transformations, and they appear to take place in accordance with how angry his wife is at him at any given moment.

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Henry McCoy
Mainstream Continuity

Alternate Reality Versions · Beast's Comics · Movies · Television · Video Games



Alternate Reality Versions

File:Henry McCoy (Earth-1294).jpg
  Kavita Rao couldn't help Beast
File:Henry McCoy (Earth-2419).jpg
  Beast had cyborg left arm
File:Henry McCoy (Earth-3112).jpg
  Beast & Bishop Gunfight
File:Henry McCoy (Earth-9142).jpg
Professor Beast
Beast used arcane technology
File:Henry McCoy (Earth-9421).jpg
  Beast and Forge used arcane technology
File:Henry McCoy (Earth-15083).jpg
  Beast searched for mutant extinction cure
File:Henry McCoy (Earth-71224).jpg
  High Evolutionary refused to aid Beast
File:Henry McCoy (Earth-8110).jpg
File:Henry McCoy (Earth-8320).jpg





Video Games



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Beast may refer to:

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Beast is a type of creature with enzymes that can be used by a Beast Master to create pets.

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The name or term Beast refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Beast (disambiguation).
The Beast is combiner from an unknown portion of the Generation One continuity family.
This is a monument to all your sins.

The Beast is the combined form of the five Dinobots. Like them, his strength is awe inspiring, far beyond the other combiners. Unfortunately, he is also a mindless monster, whose single impulse is simply to kill, regardless of allegiance.

The Beast is composed of:


With the Autobots moments from death (some several moments past death) Grimlock laid all his cards on the table and combined with his team mates into The Beast. After killing the Decepticon combiners, and any Decepticon foolish enough to attack him, he turned on the Autobots. Optimus Prime attempted to reason with him, but to no avail. The Autobots were forced to kill him, which was much easier said than done. The Beast Within


  • For years, fans have been coming up with designs for a Dinobot combiner. This is so much worse than any of them.
  • He has a very pointy chin.
  • He also has tiny little arms.
  • He is a mastodon and a Sabre-toothed Tiger short of being a horrible, horrible corruption of the Megazord.

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Beast monsters are often overlooked, but work well with Beast-Warrior Type monsters.

Archetypes such as the Ojama, Sphinx, and Koala monsters, in addition to a good portion of the Crystal Beasts fall underneath this Type.

Some other respectable Beast-Type monsters are "Bazoo the Soul-Eater", "Berserk Gorilla", "King Tiger Wanghu", "Outstanding Dog Marron", "Mosaic Manticore", "Rescue Cat", and "Voltech Kong".

Support Cards
* Beast Fangs
Facts about BeastRDF feed

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