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Map of Beacons

Recommended items

It is HIGHLY recommended to repair all beacons before starting


Image of a beacon



Starting point

It is recommended to either start at the most western beacon, or the god wars region. If starting on the god wars region, 92 FIREMAKING IS REQUIRED .

92 Firemaking method


  • Fill inventory of the familiar that you are bringing (only if you are bringing one).
  • Repair access to beacons.


Low level Method

Teleport to Varrock and head up to the Jolly Boar Inn, near the wilderness ditch. Jump over the ditch and light the third beacon (Players may also want to add magic logs here). Now, run along the ditch to the back of the Grand Exchange and light the beacon there (Players will come across another beacon on their way, light it too). Now, jump over the border and run to the beacon in Edgeville and light it.

At this point players may wish to use teleportation jewellery to get to the Monastery, but players can also run along the wilderness ditch from Edgeville to the monastery. Head up ice mountain a little, go east of the black knight's fortress, light the beacon there, and head back to the ditch. Now, go up to the wilderness and light the 10th beacon, then head back down to the goblin village, and enter it by running down its west side after jumping back across the wilderness ditch.

Now, teleport to Burthorpe (using a games necklace), head out of the games room and up towards the slayer master. Then go north and players will see the beacon symbol on their mini-map. Head up to the beacon and light it.

Alternate Method

For those who have neglected their Firemaking skill, but can summon a war tortoise, there is a quick way to get 12.3k of firemaking experience. A minimum level of 62 firemaking is required plus 2 super energy(4) potions, a charged glory and a war tortoise pouch.

Buy 120 oak logs from the Grand Exchange, store 18 in the tortoise, and 22 in your pack. With this method players will not need to give 5 logs to the attendants.

Start at station 6 (Edgeville) and add logs to the beacon but don’t light them. Walk along to station 5, take items from tortoise and add logs there (don’t light). Walk, run to Fist of Guthix bank or teleport back to Edgeville and fill up on logs. Walk, run to station 4 and add logs then station 3 and add logs there (don’t light).

Now there are 2 options.

Option 1

If you have a Kharyrll portal in your house. then teleport back to Edgeville, fill up with logs (18 in tortoise, 22 in pack), pick up a tinder box plus 2 super energy pots and teleport to your house. Use the portal to get to Kharyrll. Run to station 1 (there is an agility shortcut at the bridge next to Paterdomus) and fill the beacon and this time light it. Run to station 2 – fill and light.

Option 2

Walk to Fist of Guthix bank, fill with logs and take a tinder box and 2 super energy pots. Walk to station 2 past the lumber yard and fill the beacon and light it. Then run to station 1 - fill and light.

Whichever option you choose, you now need to teleport back to Edgeville and light stations 6, 5, 4 and 3 in that order, using the energy pots if you need them.

This all takes about 4 minutes and you will receive 12.3k of firemaking exp. Players can do this twice with one tortoise since they will need to wait for the fires to go out. You may also need the Ring of fire which you obtained from King Roald to get the full amount of exp after the first run.

Guaranteed Adze Method

These methods require level 92 Firemaking to light all 14 beacons and to use the Inferno adze

Method 1

First Pre-load all 14 beacons with 20 maple logs (total of 280 maple logs) Before you start the run you will need the following items / teleports.

  • Tinderbox
  • 2 x Trollheim teleport (4 law and 4 fire)
  • Games necklace
  • Ring of duelling (at least 2 charges)
  • 2 willow logs for the balloon network - network open from Castlewars to Varrock
  • 1 super restore potion (4)
  • Glory amulet
  • Additional 15 maple logs
  • Access to Oo'glog agility bath
  • Goblin village sphere


  1. Start at Oo'glog and bathe in agility spa (north and slightly east of bank)
  2. Teleport to trollheim and run via godwars to Beacon 12. Light it and give 5 maple logs to the Polar bear (use the logs on Nanuq). Use super restore potion as required.
  3. Ring of Duelling to Castle Wars, Run to Balloon and teleport to Varrock.
  4. Run and Light Beacon 2, then Beacon 1. Leave 5 Maple logs with each attendant
  5. Ring of Duelling to Castle Wars, Run to Balloon and teleport to Varrock.
  6. Run and Light Beacon 3, Beacon 4 and Beacon 5
  7. Use glory ammy to teleport to Edgeville - light Beacon 6
  8. Run west round via wildy towards monastery, hop over short ditch and run up and light Beacon 7.
  9. Use Dorgeshun Orb to teleport to goblin village and light Beacon 8.
  10. Use games necklace to teleport to Burthorpe Games Room, run up stairs head east and light Beacon 9.
  11. Use Trollheim teleport and agility shortcut east to light Beacon 11
  12. Use the short cut to enter the wilderness and run down south to light Beacon 10
  13. Run north up the west edge of the wilderness and light Beacon 13
  14. Run north, (use protect from melee) and light the last one Beacon 14

Return to Roald for your prize!

Method 2

Beacons are numbered from lowest to highest levels required.

1) Repair/conduct maintenance on all beacons. Pay all Beacon Keepers who require payment. Give Macaw pouches to the Beacon Keepers.

2) Load all beacons with logs. Use magic logs on first two or three beacons, yew on the rest.

3) Go to the Spa and boost your stats and run energy.

Tinder Box+20Mage White tree fruit Forinthry bracelet+Light Boot+Glory (3+) Duelling Ring (2+)
Beacon1 (Canifis) Magic 1 Run
Beacon2 (Rag&Bones man) Magic 1 Duelling ring(To Fist of Guthix)
Beacon3 (Fist of Guthix East) Magic 1 Run
Beacon4 (Fist of Guthix Down) Magic 1 Run
Beacon5 (Fist of Guthix West) Yew 1 Glory(To Edge)
Edge Bank Run Goblin village spherer+Games necklace(1+) Forinthry bracelet+Light Boot+Glory (3+) Davy kebbit hat+Cat speake
Beacon6 (Edge) Yew 2 Run
Beacon7 (Black Knig for.) Yew 2 Goblin village sphere
Beacon8 (Goblin Village) Yew 2 Games necklace
Beacon9 (Burthorpe) Maple 2 Glory(To Edge)
Edge Bank Run Cooked Lava eel+ 3Laws +3Fire+3Air Forinthry bracelet+Light Boot+Glory (3+)
Beacon10 (Wildy 13) Maple 3 Trollheim Teleport
Beacon11 (East of Trollheim) Maple 3 Run
Beacon12 (God War) Maple 3 Short Cut(East)
Beacon13 (Wildy 40) Maple 3 Run
Beacon14 (Wildy 52) Maple 3 Run
Varrock Varrock Teleport

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