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For the quest item, see Beacon ring

The Beacon Network

The Beacon Network is a series of 14 beacons along the Wilderness and Morytania borders to warn of possible threats to the kingdoms of Asgarnia and Misthalin.



King Roald III ordered the creation of the network of beacons from the Salve all the way west, along the Wilderness Ditch and north to the edge of the Wilderness. Each beacon can burn 20 logs at a time, and can be refreshed with an additional 5 logs (all of the same type).

In times of peace, testing can be done with any log and the fire burns its natural colour. In times of danger the Beacon Keepers have Gnomish firelighters to colour the fires different colours to indicate different threats.

  • Normal flame is a test run of the beacons.
  • Green signals a potential emergency.
  • Red means full-scale emergency.

(The last two beacon colours are discovered during Defender of Varrock).

An unlit beacon.

Players testing the beacons are rewarded for their efforts. See All Fired Up and All Fired Up (minigame) for details on play and rewards.

The Beacons

A beacon is indicated by the Fired Up Beacon icon (File:Beacon minimap.png) on the world map and minimap. Firemaking levels 43-92 are required to light the beacons.

To see which beacons are lit, you can right-click the NPC guarding the beacon and select 'Information.' If you have a lit beacon, it will look like this: File:Lit_Beacon.png

The flame means it is lit, while the blue dots mean that they have either died or have not yet been lit. You can give the Beacon guards Macaw pouches (Summoning) in order to have further visibility on the Information map.

Note: You can preload the beacons (the logs will stay there until you light them). It is highly advised that you do this.

Warning! Some beacons are in the Wilderness and players should consider taking precautions in case Revenants attack.

No. Firemaking Level Other Requirements One-Time Watch Payment Location Fastest Travel Beacon Keeper
1 43 None South-west of the temple Paterdomus on Silvarea
Blaze Sharpeye
2 43 None North-west of Limestone quarry on Silvarea and the temple Paterdomus
Squire Fyre
3 48 Family Crest started to use attendant. Level 1 Wilderness north of Jolly Boar Inn
4 53 None White tree fruit Level 1 Wilderness north of Varrock castle
5 59 None Level 3 Wilderness north of Grand Exchange
6 62 Stronghold of Security completed Edgeville


7 68 31 Prayer Black Knights' Fortress, north-west of the Monastery
Brother Fintan
8 72 Land of the Goblins Quest Davy kebbit hat Goblin Village


9 76 56 Smithing
Use Hammer, 2 Iron bars to fix broken pegs;
Catspeak Amulet to ask Doronbol to watch for you after A Tail of Two Cats Quest
Northeast Burthorpe
10 79 42 Construction
Use 4 Nails, 2 Planks , Hammer to repair ladder.Raw |Lava Eel
East of Death Plateau (access from level 13 Wilderness
11 83 64 Agility East end of Trollheim Wilderness Route
(beacon not in Wilderness)
12 87 60 Crafting; 60 Agility
Use a Needle, 3 Jute Fibre to fix the windbreak.
81 Summoning required if you wish to speak to Nanuq
Past first Agility shortcut (climb rocky stoneholds) north of God Wars entrance
(beacon not in Wilderness) (bring Super restore potion)
13 89 70 Smithing, Hammer, 2 Iron bars OR 59 Construction
Hammer, 4 Nails, 2 Planks
Just north of Chaos Temple (hut) in western Wilderness level 40
14 92 None Frozen Waste Plateau - Wilderness level 52



  • The beacon network is a possible reference to the Great Wall of China because the guard towers on the wall were used similarly, aiding in relaying messages over long distances relatively quickly.
  • A similar beacon system is used in J.R.R. Tolkien's, 'The Lord of the Rings', to warn of danger.
  • The beacon network is also very similar to the Martello Towers of Ireland. These towers would have a beacon on the roofs to warn the nearest tower of incoming attacks.


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