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Beachview Campsite

World map: Point Lookout
map marker: Beachview Campsite

Beachview Campsite is a location in Point Lookout.


The Campsite is abandoned, but, judging from the various graffiti and motorcycles, was once a Smuggler camp. Several Swampfolk can be spotted nearby or around the campsite itself, sometimes even dancing, possibly to a tune of their own. The Swamp Folk may have been the reason for the Smugglers vacating the area. Located south of the Ritual Site.

When the Swamp Folk dance, seen apparently only at the Campsite and nowhere else in Point Lookout, they engage in what one might call a "ho-down," or a Country-Western Style dance: bringing one foot up and down numerous times, clapping their hands or with hands at the sides almost like the chicken dance. Sometimes the Trackers and Bruisers spin around, and even jump in the air, clicking their heels together in mid air in exactly the same way the Sniper does his taunt from Team Fortress 2. It should still be noted however that upon detection of the Player, they will either go on defense, patrolling the area, or simply attack the Player. Some footage of the dance can be seen here.

It may be of interest to know that while using a stealth boy or Chinese Stealth Armor with a stealth level of 100, a player may kill any one of the swampfolk without disrupting the other's dance, provided the player is using a melee, unarmed, or silenced weapon to do so.


  • Be careful when fast traveling to this location. You spawn right at the campfire, possibly disrupting some dancing Swampfolk, and having them immediately attack you.


Beachview Campsite appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.

Point Lookout (add-on)

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