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Battlestaff Air battlestaff Water battlestaff Earth battlestaff Fire battlestaff Lava battlestaff Mud battlestaff Steam battlestaff
Members only? Yes
Primary attack type Magical
Secondary attack type Crush
Speed File:speed5.gif

This article refers to battlestaves as a group. For the article about the basic battlestaff see Battlestaff.

Battlestaves are combined melee and magical weapons which can be used in combat and in spell casting. Their strongest style of melee attack is crushing, although they also confer defensive bonuses.

On top of their melee capabilities, battlestaves provide an unlimited supply of runes according to their name (i.e. a Fire battlestaff replaces the need for fire runes when it is equipped). There are no Mist, Dust or Smoke Battlestaves, purposed to prevent market crash, because if these staves exist, no elemental runes would be needed to cast most of the combat spells, as these three would give unlimited air runes, which most combat spells require.

With the exception of the basic battlestaff, battlestaves require level 30 attack and magic to wield. Basic battlestaves have no requirements to wield. The basic version may be bought from Zaff in Varrock, however he has a limited supply. The supply will be increased when players are wearing Varrock armour. This is a good way to make money daily, as Zaff sells them at 7k each, and they can be sold at G.E for over 8k each, making a profit of 1k for each staff.


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