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File:Bronze Battleaxe.PNG File:Iron battleaxe.PNG File:Steel battleaxe.PNG File:Black battleaxe.PNG File:White battleaxe.png File:Mithril battleaxe.PNG File:Adamantite battleaxe.PNG File:Rune battleaxe.PNG File:CorruptBaxe.png File:Dragonbattleaxe.PNG
Members only? No, other than White and Dragon
Primary attack type Slash
Secondary attack type Crush
Speed File:speed6.gif

A Battleaxe is one of several powerful one-handed weapons that are great for armoured foes. They hit hard, but are among the slower weapons. Players can buy battleaxes at Brian's Battleaxe Bazaar in Port Sarim, at Bob's Brilliant Axes in Lumbridge, or at the Grand Exchange, or from trading with other players.

Battleaxes have a Strength second to the two-handed sword, a good Slash attack and a reasonable secondary Crush attack. This is a good weapon for players who neglect their Strength relative to their Attack, but gives its target too much time to recover, especially if the attacker misses with a strike or two. The key to the effective use of a battleaxe is accuracy. It is essential that you have a decent attack level. Strength is not as important as it would be with a scimitar, but is preferred at a good level for boosted damage.

Players can also use a battleaxe on a banana to slice it.

In RuneScape Classic, they were stronger than swords but not as accurate. Battleaxes were pointed before the RuneScape HD graphics update, but now in RuneScape High Detail, they are rounded.

These weapons are also second to Rune 2h sword for a deathblow effect in free-to-play.

Grand Exchangeprices
Metal Price File:Bronze Battleaxe.PNG Bronze 15 coins
File:Iron battleaxe.PNG Iron 54 coins
File:Steel battleaxe.PNG Steel 260 coins
File:Black battleaxe.PNG Black 1,002 coins
File:White battleaxe.png White 1,445 coins
File:Mithril battleaxe.PNG Mithril 921 coins
File:Adamantite battleaxe.PNG Adamant 2,358 coins
File:Rune battleaxe.PNG Rune 25,000 coins
File:Dragonbattleaxe.PNG Dragon 120,400 coins


  • In the God letters, Zamorak mentions his favourite weapon is his bloodied battleaxe and he likes the sight of it embedded in someone's skull.
  • Strangely, the Dragon battleaxe and the Corrupt dragon battleaxe seems to be the only sharp battleaxes. The others, e.g. the rune battleaxe looks very dull and unsharpened in the edges of them.
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